The lives threaded to yours…

   Ever thought why certain people seem to influence you more than others ?  contemplating on it for a while i happened to bump onto certain thoughts.

          Well its true people can create  remarkable effects  on you. With man being a social animal he is left with no choice but to interact with one person or the other a day. And lets also not forget this that he is blessed with the ability to think , feel and express his emotions. This itself reasons why we find ourselves emotionally attached to people who pass our life at some point of time or other.Some of them stay for long but impart less magic on us. while  some others become part of our life like God’s blessing and leave us creating beautiful everlasting ripples on our heart..on our life…..But of course its not easy as i say it. and such people are rare..they come as a dream..so evocative is their presence. and you are indeed fortunate if you have ever come across one.. and then you will agree to me that such people are the most precious in your life and you treasure them in your hearts for a life time……

        Yet another group of people come in and out of your life . They are quite perky and grant you happy moments.Even small tokens of love, giggles, sharing crispy news with them happen to instill in you some kind of fulfillment. But those are only momentary. they easily fade away from your mind. we feel those people bereft of value in our life later. but think of this life is made of simple moments. and its not important if you keep in mind every single thing that happened in your life..every single moment you laughed about something. Whats important is that you do it. make the most out of life. Find happiness in others and be their happiness. once you learn to do that you will find that it does you nothing but good. And maybe uplift your mind strenghthening it to seek more from this life keeping you at peace. Trust me their is nothing important in this life as peace of mind !

       Some others stay with us forever….and fill your life with their charisma and compassion and never ending love. They are there to share your smiles, cries, woes and fights. And they make you who you are ultimately. They take you higher in each mode of life ,lifting you up from trashes, teaching you with patience to seek a silver lining in every wreck. They are people like our parents who love you unconditionally, sacrificing their time,chores and sometimes even their pleasures.

      Once i had pondered over this question..like is it worthy to sacrifice your time and pleasures to help someone out who is in need of you. Some what altruistic for a bit of time ?. But i think now i know the answer. life isnt only about you,your success your pleasures. and stupid are those who fail to understand that you are never gonna lose your destiny if you stop in your way to pull someone out from his nothingness. and such deeds should come from your heart. like someone said ‘ compassion helps you in no way but destroy you’.  what the hell !! who is stupid enough in this world to destroy their life in the name of compassion ? no one ! and do you think the saints who dedicate their life for others are destroying their lives ? .no . its their chosen path. They find happiness in that for God’s sake ! What i was referring to was the minor form of that. What is meaningful to us. Like being there for you friends, your parents when they need you.



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