Bits From Life


   Sitting on my chair with my eyes glued to the wall, while one of the most precious things in the world – KNOWLEDGE brought to life in black beautiful sentences on the bundle of pages continue to mock me proudly with a guffaw , is kinda becoming more or less a habit ! 

 I am here finding myself mature into the genre of the privileged Jack of all trades ! 

 What more can i say when my eyes are busy scanning the row of letters, my fingers  relentlessly doodling on a scrap of paper, my mind wandering quite excitingly to unseen lands, untangling the messed up details so subtle, trying to reach the bottom of the riddles and jigsaws so plenty in life.

 Am i blind to miss the letters ? 


Am i insane not to let the details register ?


Am i a goddamm artist to paint my imagination on a piece of paper ? 

Hell no ! 

I am just a human mind craving to put my thoughts to words so that they would look flawless and natural.
I am some one dying to wringle free from the chains which strain me .
My  self wishes each second to dwell in the loves  of my mind.

I contemplated on it many times whether to jot down these. After many a ‘ No ‘ s i gave in. I decided to be here to let out my mind – be they bleak, be they raw, be they unalluring .

 But now i have come to reason with myself. Like any student, Now i find myself wake up startled from the depths of my mind’s cacophony .
 I am once again back in my room with my big bundle of knowledge waiting to be tackled .

 This time i am seeing the letters for real with my mind.

For the truth remains unaltered, unshattered…

 Exams are meant to be fought through whether you agree or not !

And Exam is an unavoidable fact ;

one unbreakable rule ;

 whether you like it or not !

6 thoughts on “EXAMS AND DAYDREAMZZ…”

  1. thanks for the vote on indiblogger.

    good luck with your exams! and i agree completely with a previous comment. try and enjoy it. exams can often be ridiculously fun especially when there's healthy competition involved. try and enjoy it. it'll be over before you know it and trust me there's a LOT that lies ahead which is way more important. 🙂


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