Actually i happened to venture out on this thread partly because i am jobless in a way ( not to mention the P.G hurdle looming dark ahead ! ) , and partly because writing keeps me smiling and partly because i just felt like doing it . Yes, listening to your heart can cause your debacle when others need to complement what you have in mind . But then, if you nobody to be accountable to , or if the people to whom you are accountable are magnanimous enough, listening to your heart can be the most rewarding of the experiences ! 

                         To be frank i am not quite sure if i might be able to  keep up with updating this thread every week , or maybe a ‘ weekend pick ‘ as well , but then again its upto me isnt ! So here goes the pick of the week . . 
                                                                 Absolutely in love with this song ! – for the meaningful lyrics which is sure to haunt you for long , the theme being one that strikes a chord with each one of us, for the legibility of the rendition . .  for the catchy beat that keeps thumbing all through the song at a constant rhythm . . for the mellifluous way the singer has put it across  . . . for the absolutely striking outfit . . . for the exquisite way of painting her eyes and nails 😛 and ultimately for the beautiful video depiction of the song . Thanks to You tube i chanced upon this song…And again, thanks to You tube i could share it here . . Enjoy 🙂

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