night, POETRY

Yesterday Night . .

The dusk spraying its saffron hues ; 
Reminding me its time to part ways . . 
The night spreads its tresses ever so slow,
Striking me , its time to be alone

Wait and wait do i with a whimper,
For my damp eyes to slide into a slumber. . 
Funny how joys seem incomplete ;
Scary how the future seems so deplete. . 

soon to be part of an anthology- 

Also you may like :   ., which is my entry for the surf excel matic contest. Do go through the post . . would be grateful if you could leave behind ur valuable comments on the same , so that i could work on my flaws . . Regards , Maliny 🙂

25 thoughts on “Yesterday Night . .”

  1. The incomplete joy must be an indication of more merry in store, that must be the reason to stop worrying about the seems to be deplete future..

    Beautiful expression in a soothing arrangement of words


  2. @ zach : lol i knew this was going to be a depressing post 😛 i didnt want to ruin the day of those who went thru it..and thus emanated the idea of a post script 🙂


  3. @ farila : ma'm i am confused whether i shud take ur comment on a positive or a negative note..any which way i am glad that u paused to express ur view on the post 🙂


  4. Beautiful and a touching poem. If good times have not stayed then so wouldn't bad times. Life is full of ups and downs..we need that glimmer of hope in bad times…and work hard for the good times..
    P.S:voted for your contest post too…


  5. Life is a bitch, it pushes us into pits without a warning, but i tell u, and believe me when i say, we all get out of it, all it takes is perseverence.. and THEN, u can sleep happy and sound and peaceful!
    Needless to say, I LOVED THIS!
    smile beautiful baby, smile! 🙂


  6. Out of the night that covers me,
    Black as the Pit from pole to pole,
    I thank whatever gods may be
    For my unconquerable soul.

    Dont know why…your poem reminds me of henly's poem i read somewhere sometime back….glad to have visited your site..will be back to read in depth.


  7. @ mr.jovita : cant express enuf how much ur soothing words have influenced me..they sure brought a smile to my face..thanx a ton for adding me and for having the heart to leave behind a comment 🙂


  8. hi Maliny,
    I am not a great fan of poems like this but this looks promising stuff..


    PS. I left a big reply at the indivine forum reg. your review for the blog.. hope you've noticed that..
    All the best for the contest as well..


  9. loved your poem, efforts but not the presentation of blog ~!
    if you don't mind don't one thing that i would like to suggest you is to work on your webblog, because it takes too much time to upload and that is frustrating !


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