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At This Juncture . .


                                                        After spending quite many an eventful year at loggerheads with exams and clinical vivas it brings me exceptional pride and joy to adsorb this into my mind that i am a registered medical practioner atlast ! Yes as the general idea runs doctors are never in dearth of a paid job . So much for the 6 years we toiled in the hospital corridors , wards and exam halls ! I am not sure how many would be aware of  a bond which is threaded onto the registration certificate ( referring to kerala state ) , which  apparently seems not that small a baggage to take along for most of the fresh pass outs . And that is a one year compulsory service in the alloted rural areas of the state .  

                                                     Frankly speaking , those students who managed be part of the much acclaimed creamy layer , which happens to be the government medical college seats , are the ones left with a scorn on their faces . Simply because of the fact that the whole endeavour is biased to say the least . For the students who got into the deemed and unaided medical colleges  are exempted from this service and we are stuck in the utterly suburban areas ( not necessarily ) while they manage to attend coaching classes , immerse themselves in voluminous books all year round and finally grab a seat for the post graduation .

                                                  Yes a doctor should be service minded and we are; but then injustice more often than not dampens the spirit and certainly contributes least to pump up compassion . An alternative is staring right on their faces ; that is to let us carry out the compulsory bond after we have finally settled down with a p.g degree in our hands which clearly is sans doubt  a necessity in this era !

                                                  And thus,  like any other medical student who survived the much dreaded final year examinations, i too signed the dotted lines to serve my state for one year on a compulsory basis .
                                                   Now, as i got posted away from home again the problem of a safe and comfortable place to stay popped up and that was when my parents suggested i get into a particular hostel they  evidently have much promise about . We finally managed to procure a room there through a member of the hostel committee for its  a tough nut to crack otherwise so an inhabitant told me . . What the heck was all i could mutter ! 
                                                  To my dismay the confrontation with the hostel warden was one of the most unpleasant ones i had in my whole life. Infact i could vouch without a tad of doubt that ‘ SMILE ‘ is never an over rated mannerism ! That was the day i realised how much of an emotional connect and chemistry a simple upcurving of your lips can put across . Seriously , its no hollow phrase when they say , ” Smile and the world smiles back at you “. The most meaningful sentence i came across this week , hands down ! 

                                                     It came as a whiff of relief when i noticed the fact that once a member of the hostel we rarely need to nurture any sort of relation , let alone acquaintance with the lady . . Phew ! Otherwise the hostel proved to heavenly with delicious food, 5 mts by auto to the railway station, walkable distance to the bus station, and a mile away from the heart of one of the most important cities in our country .

                                                        Fortunately the superintendent of the hospital happened , much to my relief , to be pretty much an amiable lady  ( yes she welcomed us with a sweet smile , you guessed it right ) . And the place i got to work seemed comfortable too . 

                                                    Well, lucky or not , all i want to beat myself into my head at this juncture is that , we cannot expect life to be rosy on our demand . Adjustments are a the lynchpin not merely when it comes to a relationship, but also  in each and every moment you harbour this world . You never know what is in hold the very next second . . But we definitely know what we are left to right this moment . . Live it to the fullest . Might sound cliched , but then holding onto this line of thought is worthy , for sometimes we are swept to a point of life when words and thoughts can provide the much needed impetus to move on . . 

12 thoughts on “At This Juncture . .”

  1. OH just one more thing!

    I hope you have already noticed but your recent posts are showing a lot of '&nbsp's , so try to get rid of them

    Frankly it does not good look! sorry!

    and do please delete this comment!


  2. Hello Doctor, I am first to your blog. But it's been a nice read. “..we cannot expect life to be rosy on our demand.” So true!!!
    Good day,
    I am joining your blog. I too keep a humble blog. More related with art and literature, although I still keep an open eye towards science and technology. We both study life, but use different terms and that's the only difference. 🙂


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