The Tunes Know Me . . .

With my ears plugged to the mellifluous track ,
I doodled idly with an ink that is black . . .
Humming low and soft to the dreamy tune ,
Fingers treading playfully through my locks waving like dune 

Bits of life brush past my mind ,
In sync with the lyrics they perfectly blend !
A few saw me smiling at times ;
While one made the ink smudge in my tears . .

The metal clings brought me ever to a high !
Dissolve does my inner self sometimes with a sigh
In awe am i with the world it leads me,
The emotional tussle, ruffle, the notes evoke in me !

Ask me in misery, what soothes me down,
A melody  is the answer and it wins sure hands down . .
Is there a company allowed to befriend me in solitude?
Yes, the arms of music , through thick, thin and fortitude .

6 thoughts on “The Tunes Know Me . . .”

  1. We all have a song or a set of songs that we often listen to that sub-consciously takes to an emotional roller coaster journey through time. You have conveyed those emotions very beautifully here. 🙂


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