loneliness, POETRY

Fearless In The Sea

Life , like the tide of a sea
Tickle your feet ; the raptures entice you and me . . 
Before you it recedes atlast , inspite of your plea
Drenched in effervescence , for long remain thee .

Life , like the tide of a sea 
Taunt us with gory , you never expect such from thee. 
You wriggle from its clutch , you , but never ever me ;
Relieved to have survived , though its a pity you did flee .

-soon to be part of an anthology-

22 thoughts on “Fearless In The Sea”

  1. Nice poem – Liked the metaphor of sea for life. Though not a new one, I liked the way you have brought your comparisons creatively and stuck to the theme without ranting.


  2. Beautiful poem. I always want to write something in which I can repeat the first line but I fail miserably. This work is remarkable. Sorry for a late reply, hurt my right hand badly.


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