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Bound By Duty – My Entry For The Get Published Contest


Naina , 27 years,  quite an ambitious doctor who is currently pursuing her first year of post graduation in General Surgery . The story progresses through her life , her concepts and the whirl pool of tangles she is drowning in . Being a doctor at the prime age of her life is one of the best accomplishments one could dream of .  Yet, there was something more she was bound to do as a human being . To get married . The inevitable duty of a girl past 20 yrs, according to the society . How does Abhay fit into the whole scenario. Is he her fiancée ? Her lover ? . The essence of the story isn’t complete without him . Yes ,  ‘ Bound By Duty ‘ is a love story which is woven with the intricacies of present day world told through the life of  the main protagonist Naina . While the subtleties of the life of a medical student comes to life in the pages of this story , Abhay comes in and out of the storyline to end up playing  a major part towards the second half .


I believe fiction takes origin from real life . Imagination can run wild , but still the basic essence of any work of fiction is life as we see before us . In that context , this story is adapted from the life of  a young female doctor who is struggling with a choice of marriage when there was chunks of things still left for her to gain from the institution of medical studies .


She prayed , “ God , let it not be any RTA ( Road Traffic Accident ) case “ .

 Just as she was hurrying to the casualty room , a rather aggressive mob welcomed her. Before she could take charge of the situation , Akshay , her unit House surgeon called out to her .

“ Naina madam , that is not our case .  It seems that the patient is a local political personality or something . A case of MI ( Myocardiac Infarction ) . They carried him to our casualty unknowingly . I have guided them back to the Medicine casualty “.  

“ Sorry for having disturbed your sleep if you could manage any “ . He added sheepishly.

Naina smiled . “ No problem, Akash “ .

Naina checked her watch and was relieved to notice that it was already half past six . Just enough time to rush to her room , change her soiled clothes and return to the ward for her morning pre rounds at 7 . She grabbed her stethoscope from the table and was about to leave when her eyes fell on a familiar figure waiting outide the medical ICU , a sullen expression on his face . Wasn’t that Abhay ? . She stopped on her track .


This is my post for the Harper Collins – Indiblogger Get Published Contest  which is run with inputs from yashodhara lal and Harper Collins India

If you liked the idea , do vote for me here – My Story Idea For The Get Published Contest  as the selection is based on the number of likes one gathers . 

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