Hear Me ?

Agile, the masked ones squander, 
Words of cuss, at me they mercilessly shower.
Life is no maze, but a mere rigid line
The rules,like chains – they smother, they entwine.

Blindfolded, I tread well beaten trails  
Passion – nipped , now mere muffled wails.
Born a human, engraved with emotions,
Aren’t dreams my forgotten birth rights?

Friends crumpled to shreds in gore; 
Flames of love stamped sin and sore.
Seeking peace, I whimpered in the dark,
Never got any, for the truth was shoddy and stark. 

To fight with pen I learnt in time,
Pellets of words so perfect with rhyme.
Bore through their chest, thorough and right;
I dabbled in words, ain’t bloodless this fight?
Wait! did I commit a crime? 
For cuff links cling together like chime!
Binding my hands, yet freeing my soul;
My words shall scream, through mountain mounds.
Shun the hatred, shun the evil;
Break the chains, the reins of the devil! 
Open your eyes, won’t you sycophant? 
This is no rebel, but a human’s pleading rant.  
Image Source :  here

24 thoughts on “Hear Me ?”

  1. thank you meenakshi 🙂 Always an honour to receive the Liebster award . Also congratulations on your award ! you deserve it so very much given the prolific writer you are ! keep writing 🙂


  2. Thankyou Dhara for those good words. Beautiful name you have .:)

    welcome to my blog as well ! Thank you for following 🙂 I will be coming over to your blog in a short while . .


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