The Solace

Image Source : find here

I watched the sun blazing hot ,
Tangential rays unfurling pain

Stranded in the tattered street
Uncloathed ,baring my skin
Wails melting in raucous snarls .
Lost , I ran towards my shelter ,

– Soon to be part of an anthology-


29 thoughts on “The Solace”

  1. I got along with the stride here,,loved how you crafted..

    haaila!! i have missed so many of your posts ..shall come back soon to read them…
    I am done with my Liebster..Thanks a ton 🙂


  2. well….your context sounds like,
    it has an ability to engulf the joy
    meaning, deepness and differentiatiality
    nice way of quilling
    this comment is not only for this post
    of yours its for all of your writes…..
    ………solace for your quill


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