Thin Ice – Haiku

Image Source : here

On thin ice 
Admiring sand bed 
Dreamy girl  . 

Dreamy girl
Kisses the sand bed
   Blazing fate .  

Written for Carpe Diem . Prompt – Thin ice ( Usurai )  

24 thoughts on “Thin Ice – Haiku”

  1. It was a bit complicated i suppose . Pardon me .

    When the sun blazes hot , the thin ice melts and pushes down the creature standing above it . Like wise , a dreamy girl in a dazed world meets harsh fate when she lives recklessly .


  2. Thankyou Reshma . I see that you have been on a commenting spree yesterday night . My mail is flooded with your comments on various posts ! Made my day girl . Thank you 🙂


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