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The Lure

An attempt of Ethere, a form of poetry written in ten lines, with each line accomodating the number of syllables as its line number.
Dash of 
Blush cluster
On dimpled cheeks
His looks sensuous
Bated breath loquacious
Of bait, his defiant charm;
Breeze sultry, sprinkling pearly drop
On chiseled face, it trickles down
Melting to specks beneath sauve gliding touch. 


Another one : 

They smell
Of dust speckle
Engraved grey
Amidst tangled words
In its swooping sly waft
Hauled into mystic depths
Of love, truth, fear and fantasy, 
The many resplendent emotions
I succumb to lure – my retribution.

31 thoughts on “The Lure”

  1. This is such a challengimg form and you've managed it so beautifully. Such ideas, such thoughts…. And such understated elegance in the words chosen… Awesomely done Maliny!


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