Beauty, Fire,, Life is such, love, Memory, music, POETRY, Reminiscence, Rivulet


A flash of beauty,
The crack of dawn,
Shimmering sun’s ray,
The scent of rain.

A surreal soundtrack
Or a soulful note ;
They take me back
And leave me sour.

I tried my best 
To make you mine;
The fire in me
But,burnt me whole.

I let you go
As someone told
For if only you sought
You were mine.

 Counting tides
I waited days
But no one came
Nor anyone spoke.

Why didn’t you notice
That i was gone ?
My screams had echoed 
Through mountain mounds.

Tears rolled down
Formed eddy streams,
Till my rivulet grew
And left you far.

Wasn’t he right ?

Who faithfully said;
That things sans reclaim
Were never truly ours to claim.

And that was when
It struck me hard;
That life was such –
So undeniably real!

49 thoughts on “Rivulet”

  1. The poem captures a vast sweep of emotions….Life is so undeniably real is just not a factual statement but hammers something deeper inside…..a signature line!


  2. And How I missed your posts Maliny 🙂 Very touching words, and I loved these lines:
    That things sans reclaim
    Were never truly ours to claim.
    What can I say? Been there, done that? 🙂


  3. I missed your comments too Prasanna. Glad and in a way relieved to see you back here 🙂 And yes, been there, done that ! Keep in touch and give my love to your cutie pie 🙂


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