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Saturday Specifics #2: Book Review


Title:  Dual Lives

Author: Gourab Mitra

Pages: 302

Price: Varies between online stores.

Publisher: Patridge India

The Story In Short:

The story opens with one of the protagonists, an aspiring RJ preparing herself for the interview that she is about to attend later in the day. The story then reels towards the past, where the two protagonists meet- Kiran and Ajinkya. Their relation is better left unexplained here for the twist in the tale, which forms the crux of the story lies in the past. The blurb would provide hints towards the story line, although it comes off as haphazard. The story doesn’t deal with romance basically, but it speaks about the importance of compassion and love among fellow human beings . A few other characters- Omkar, Javed, Rahul, Krishna and Pooja flit past in and out of the lives of the protagonists, of which Pooja goes to play a very important role in their lives as the story progresses. The story ends on a happy note in more ways than one and to know how, you would want to read the book.

The Blurb:  We are a part of a male dominating society where some people still keep women below their shoes and nose. Kiran, a young woman has overcome these hurdles and has fulfilled her dream as a Radio Jockey. Today it’s her first day to work at Radio Rocks, a leading radio channel in Pune. She is exhilarated about it! Last night her boy friend proposed her for marriage, and her true love for Omkar overwhelmed her decision. She didn’t reply to him! In early 2004, her brother worked at a tea stall at the age of 10. Ajinkya, a BPO employee and a biggest loser in life, gets inspired by the kid. Ajinkya plans to adopt him, unaware of his past. Will the kid’s past bother Ajinkya’s personal and love life? Omkar is Kiran’s first crush. But for past few years they haven’t heard about each other! Will she compromise her first love & marry Ashish? Or will she wait for Omkar?

My Take:

The cover page: I found the front cover really impressive. The illustration of the protagonists exudes loads of surrealism. The choice of colours adds an element of vibrancy to the book, which is sure to tempt many a reader to give it a look. The blurb though could have been better. I would have liked a more precise few lines on the back cover which would highlight the essence of the story instead of over complicating it.

The Content:

Likes: When the author requested for a review from me, I was slightly apprehensive at first. I feared it might be yet another of those books that emphasise the theme of adolescent love and nothing more or for that matter nothing relevant. The book, after reading, I realised, has many layers, although the premise belongs partly to the tried and tested realms of fiction. It deals with the charms of blooming love, the agonies of a broken family and the fortitude that the protagonist upholds when struck by an adversity, rising well above the maturity of a delicate age. The plot was uncomplicated and the lexicon simple.  There lacked major hiccups and I could finish the book in a matter of a couple of hours. I would consider it a good debut work by an author.


  1. Rampant use of exclamation marks, which turn irksome along the way.
  2. I found a few lines which unnecessarily highlight even the minute, irrelevant acts the characters perform, which even though was conjured intending to insinuate thoughtful showers of subtlety, ironically, make the flow turbulent at places. The reader needn’t know every little gesture and chore that the protagonist undertakes. If it propels the story forward significantly, yes, but if it slows down the pace, no.

That said, I would recommend this book to young readers who love a breezy read, that keeps you relaxed throughout the hours you spend relishing it.

Rating:  3/5


P.S:  I received the pdf format of the book from the author. The opinions stated in this review are unbiased and are entirely mine.

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1 thought on “Saturday Specifics #2: Book Review”

  1. Good review. I, especially liked the way you discuss the cover page, which adds a new dimension to your evaluation. I have often introspected on this issue but never included it in my review in so many words. Thanks for giving me a new perspective. This does not appear to be my type of book yet reading about it was interesting.


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