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To The Reader’s Heart Through An Email – Mid Week Quests

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As I mentioned before, I recently exported my blog at blogger to the much appraised WordPress platform. I happened to lose my followers, as the inbuilt export feature ignores just that, and nothing more. Even when I miss the admirable blog stats I enjoyed back there, I feel happy in a way that I could retain my posts and comments as such, which for me comes as a huge relief.

The idea of blogging descended on me around seven years back, when, I, for the first time in my life realised that I could write something substantial. Being blessed with a gift becomes comparable to almost being devoid of it, if one lacks the judgment and revelation that he or she could use it appropriately and with confidence. I had written a couple of articles back in school, but nothing more than that.  I knew then that I could write, but I wasn’t sure whether would I fit in the circle of writers. For me then, people who called themselves writers were a rare entity who enjoyed an elite status, to be a part of which demanded superlative knowledge of the language, world affairs and above all life experience. I knew that I had a decent grip on the language for I happened to score a good percentage in English language for my tenth std exams. But when it came to the abundance of knowledge, I considered myself illiterate. I grew up reading authors of the likes of Enid Blyton, Agatha Christie , Sidney Sheldon, Jeffrey archer and Arthur Hailey among the international authors and Amitav Ghosh, Amit chaudhari and  Rabindranath Tagore among the Indian authors. I viewed their talents as heavenly blessings par excellence which could rarely be emulated. I was too intimidated by their formidable presence to even encourage the creeping thought of writing more in the years to come. However,  life had a surprise in stock for me in the form of an irresistible tug. Passion is an alluring term just as alluring as the effect it has on a person. Deny it, ignore it, but you will realise it shortly that you were created incapable of resisting it for long. The irrelevant scribbles on my diary gave way to naive posts on the blog which, as years passed metamorphosed to well manicured accounts which could be labelled readable. Thus started my blogging journey which ended up being one of most inspiring, evocative, rejuvenating experiences I ever had.

There are a few nuggets I picked up from my time here in this space. Any one who has been around here for more than a couple of  years would imbibe those naturally. I am not going in to the details of which, but I sure would love to share with you a recently inculcated hobby of mine. In my early years of blogging, having used blogger, I hadn’t known much about the email subscription feature. I did discover the importance of which a few years into the trail, but then I had, by then, lost steam on the blog hopping routine.  I had, by that time, started concentrating more on the writing part than the equally prominent reading part. I wasn’t expecting readers, rather, I simply wanted to write my heart out, for my own sake, for my own satisfaction.

But now, since I have decided to revamp my blog and at the same time, have undergone a stimulating change on my personal terrain as well, nudged by my own innate passionate self, I yearn to be alive and agile here in this space. I yearn to read others, I yearn to write more and last but not the least, I yearn to connect with the readers who take a precious few minutes from their routine to read and comment on my posts.

Having understood the value of email subscriptions, I decided to subscribe as many blogs as possible; the process being endless continues even now. These days I love to read posts directly from my mail. It doesn’t seem like a hectic task to be undertaken and at the same time it is fulfilling as well. Sometimes I reply to those posts then and there, other times mark them and comment when I revisit my mails at the end of the day. I find the process convenient when the fact remains that I check my mail at least three to four times a day, even more than I visit my blog. One may abandon the blog page for months at a stretch,  but an email has become a necessity which we dare not ignore according to our whims and mood swings. Even if one is not regularly blogging, he or she can keep up with the posts of friends,  keep replying to their posts and there by remain in the loop.There have been times when an irked, dejected I was stimulated enough to slide back in to my ‘at-work’ diligent form, simple because  I was inspired by a blog post I read from my email. Sometimes, it just makes my day to know that I have a few good posts by my favourite bloggers, waiting to be read on my mail at the end of the day. The way our hearts and minds respond to bloggers whose writing we admire is inexplicable. And I secretly believe that even if most of my readers aren’t responding to my posts as comments, they might be going through my blog occasionally; at least the readers who have subscribed my posts. They might have liked at least a few posts I have written. We all do that, don’t we? Go through a blog and not comment on it even if it we liked the content? And so also, I would recommend an email subscription box to be included on your blog with out much ado, if any newbie out there is reading this post.

The joy of being with words is incomparable and I am glad that I am successful in digging out more and more facts about blogging that are intriguing, which in turn inspire me to keep coming back to the world of blogging every time. Blogging is indeed a rewarding experience. I sincerely hope that I would never part with it, ever. Would you? What do you think?



P.S: This post is tagged with Mid Week Quests, a sub section of this blog where I write on a Wednesday, about random nuggets from my life .

14 thoughts on “To The Reader’s Heart Through An Email – Mid Week Quests”

  1. Hey Maliny, I was smiling all the way.. every blog journey is such! but then you always have a blog and then you’ll realize a bunch of readers and readers turned friends, or friends turned readers to come back to all the time once you set out. That moment when I realized I could write! true very true! gives me an idea for a post. thanks much. cya around.


  2. I have loved my journey so far in the blogging world , although not met many of the readers but i know them ..

    I shifted to wordpress a few years back and yeah email subscription is good , I do subscribe to a few but I only subscribe to those i read regularly otherwise I have seen people have this habit of being a follower of subscriber just for the sake of it ..


    1. But you know, there are so many good blogs out there and I would not want to miss out on them. I have made it a point that if I liked a post, I subscribe the blog straight away. Let us see how far I am going to go:)


  3. There is a link in wordpress which says ‘manage your subscriptions’ where you can set e-mail alerts for as many blogs you are following from one single page, without going to particular blogs and signing up to get updates via mail. I did this a few months back on the same premise as you have given – I may not log into wordpress reader for a longer length of time but really can’t stay away from mails. This helps in staying in touch with the blog hopping and reading part. It is going to be 2 years of blogging for me in Feb and the most favourable feature I have found on WordPress is the easy Following and interactions. There is a flipside too. Here your blog stats may not rise on the same lines as with Blogger because many visitors who read blogs on WordPress app does not get added to the stats figures. I call them ghost readers 🙂


  4. I too have a few followers who use email to come onto my site. Well, there are all sorts of readers out there, some might be more accustomed to Technology while others might not. So, we should always make it easy for everybody to reach us.

    Glad to have found you…keep writing and enjoying 🙂


  5. Congratulations for the move to wordpress! You will like using it too. I have read a lot about the power of email subscriptions. I have subscribed to a lot of blogs via email. While I may read the new posts as soon as it goes live, I am not able to comment on it immediately, if I am reading it on phone. I must find ways to get better on this aspect.


  6. Maliny, it;s good to know about your blogging journey and congratz for your new wordpress blog. 🙂

    Most of readers read my blog in their inbox and comment through email reply. Once, it was the only medium to communicate with me because I disabled comment on my blog. 🙂


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