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Resolution As A Way Of Life – Mid Week Quests

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I missed my Saturday Specifics post last week. Yet, I am not in a state of mind to regret the same or further yet, to blame the holiday season for that. I am aware of the blogging tips that help one publish posts during festivals, like setting a date for a saved post so that it is automatically published. But a series of ominous events overpowered me which pushed blogging right back to the rear seat. In fact, so many things happened in the past one week that I find it hard to list them here effortlessly. Good things. Bad things. Exciting things. Disheartening things. But thank fully, not one of them were worst in any regard. 

I had plans to write a detailed post on the resolutions that had been playing on my mind for long. Due to the lack of time, I am forced to compress it short.

I was never a girl who looked forward to the whole, supposedly exciting process of dusting clean the cob webs of my brain to come up with resolutions to kick start a pristine year.  I never believed in New Year resolutions. The whole concept has always seemed contrived to me. Yes, I believe in resolutions that my mind take up after much introspection, but I have never been a follower of the act of churning up resolutions to embellish the new year charades. New years are pretty much the same as any other day for my family. It is inevitable a family affair. We sit in our home, mostly watch television, talk, have a family dinner and go to bed at the usual time.

I remember staying awake deliberately even when my eyes drooped down at the mere cue of a boring few seconds when I was a kid. Even then, it seemed like a harrowing procedure for me. I never enjoyed it. Perhaps I did that because I wanted to emulate the many millions who so religiously followed the ritual. Two New Years down and I was fed up. It is undoubtedly true what they say about the formidable power of human  heart. It hardly lets you work with peace on something you are disinterested in. It pokes you, nudges you and even gnaws at you in its efforts to turn your attention to what it wants.

Well, I say with pride when I say that I am more of a heart person than a mind one. If my heart advises me to follow a certain path, chances are more that I will follow it, even when the trail is adorned with rubble, thorns and whatever junk one might find on a journey.

And so also, rarely do I stay awake now to imbibe the very first second of a fresh year.

Pardon me if this post doesn’t reflect the exhilaration that ought to ooze  from a late December post. I am not grumpy. But I am in the mood to write my heart out.

However, there is good news for those who are scrolling down this post, seeking something interesting to take away. I am including a few resolutions that I have been working up on over the past two weeks. I aim to stick to them, not for the next year, but for a life time. 

  • I am lousy when it comes to managing my connections. I love my solitude and most of the time, I find myself shy away from something which takes a chunk of my lone time away from me, unless the matter is dire. However a few incidents that took place around me a few months back and a conversation I had with a close friend following those incidents happened to enlighten me on the importance of having good friends in one’s life. I am some one who is confident about my belief that I can survive with my dear ones alone. I don’t share my grievances with my family even, until and unless, I require intervention of some sort from their side. I am not ready to change that tendency of mine still, but I realise now that maintaining a bond with a good friend is equally important as tending to the soul that keeps you alive. Hence, I have decided to keep alive the relationship I share with at least a couple of my good friends. I love them. I feel happy and comforted in their presence. Then why should I hesitate to be with them more often? The query guides me these days, feeding me with nuggets to stay rooted to my resolution.
  • To read more, to blog more, to take care of my anxieties and to mingle more with colleagues are the rest of the resolutions. Since I am writing much away from this space, I can say that I am content in that regard. However these days, because I want no one to influence my writing above a particular threshold, I have been reading less. Does that happen to you? I would like to know, for I have heard writers admit that they read more while they work on a story or work of fiction of their own, to keep them going and to survive the writer’s block. 

There comes a time in life, when the body yearns for a change, tired of the imbalance it has been accustomed to over the years. Exactly for the same reason, I believe, resolution is to be a way of life. To keep tab of the laments of the body and soul ought to be a necessity, more than a routine to be undertaken at a specific period in time. Try doing that and you might find yourself stick to your resolution for a longer period of time. 

Sadly, the time has come to conclude this post. I look forward to reading the year end posts of my fellow bloggers. I shall be doing that at the earliest. For now, I am taking leave. I know that you are busy too. I hope everybody had a wonderful Christmas. Enjoy the holidays! We will meet with exaggerated zeal after the holiday season.. What say? 

P.S: This post is tagged with Mid Week Quests, a sub section of this blog where I write on a Wednesday, about random nuggets from my life .

5 thoughts on “Resolution As A Way Of Life – Mid Week Quests”

  1. Who wrote this post? If I replace Maliny Mohan’s name with mine as the author of this post, this will become my story to the core. Not because of the name replacement but because I am the same person as the one here. I am a solitude lover who does not believe in making new year resolutions. And if I made any, they would be on the similar lines. All the best Maliny with your resolutions 🙂


  2. well well well .. right my wishes for ALWAYSsssssssssssssssssss..

    I gave up on new year resolutions last year .. just hope to be a good person … maybe one day i will

    Wishing you and family and everyone around you a very happy new year.. May all that you have dreamed comes true.. have a fantabulous New year



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