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Could I Ask You A Favour? – MidWeek Quests

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Today, Mid week quests is all about ‘favours’. No. Nobody is asking anyone any favour through this space. On the other hand, I shall put forward my thoughts about the term and the deeper meaning it holds. 

Do you find yourself hesitate when bombarded with the ordeal of asking a favour of someone? Have you at least once felt all too determined to chew way more than you can bite, simply because of the fact that you shy away from pleading the service of time and energy from another person?

Well, I have. I find the matter troubling, if not harrowing, to ask someone to help me tackle a burgeoning task, let alone offer me company in trouble. I would rather try my best and solve the problem myself, any which way, than deliberately shed the cloak of hesitancy. I now know the habit to be a double edged sword. For one, it has taught me to stand up for myself, but secondly, it has caused me innumerable days of frustration and distress. And that is why I doubt whether I lack the sense to play according to the situation.

I am someone who hallcinates to be in an utterly embarassing scenario, as far as my mind is concerned, whenever the thought of approaching another person with an intention of borrowing money confronts me. Amazing me, last day a friend of mine came forward like a jet plane and asked me whether I could lend him money and that too in the most casual of manners. Not giving it much thought, I obliged to lend him a decent amount, surprisingly, in the blink of my eye. 

Pondering over the incident, a while later, I came to the a reasonable conclusion that friends are indeed bound to go through bonds of such kind. Yes, if the person to whom you lend the money is presumably fraudulent, the debate has no meaning. The scenario that we discuss now is purely based on the fact that the other person is your good friend.

There are certain things which I like to do for myself. But who wouldn’t love to be pampered once in a while? The rumination acts to prompt me now to be more flexible when it comes to taking care of the chores around me. The conclusion doesn’t mean that you should always find the easy way out. The line that separates the concepts of sensibility and shrewdness is never a thin trail on sand. Never confuse the two terrains that lie on either side. It should also not be too frequent as to gradually interfere with your ability to handle a troubling situation all by yourself if need arises. ‘How to be dependent?’ is not the topic discussed here, if I may stress. 

If the task at hand could be wound up in a matter of few minutes or days with the help of another person, should someone not resort to the same?  It might even make the other person happy to know that you thought of him/ her during adversity, wouldn’t it? Moreover the act of indulging in a revolting muddle, hopeful of deciphering the subtle knots, to eventually come up with an ideal remedy together consolidates the strength of any relationship, isn’t it so?

There is no hard and fast rule that life is to be treated a path strewn with thorns. The fumes that effervesce when forced to remain straddled for long might garner the strength to explode uncontrollably one day. Why suffer in silence, when you have the voice to ask that kind friend sitting at mere arms length to uncork the bottle?  


P.S: This post is tagged with Mid Week Quests, a sub section of this blog where I write on a Wednesday, about random nuggets from my life .

11 thoughts on “Could I Ask You A Favour? – MidWeek Quests”

  1. Probably, the ego within stops us from asking favors. We avoid it, what if the other person deny to help? But, it is always a better option to seek help of others… a sign of being pessimist, that’s what psychology says 🙂


    1. Very true, Simran. The fear of denial comes to act in most circumstances. But certainly, any relationship grow through togetherness. Helping out is undeniably a part of it. But it shouldn’t be at the cost of losing one’s hold on the ability to manage a muddled scnario when left alone.


  2. Your mind quest is exhilarating…

    While it is imperative that we learn to shoulder our own burdens, with experience, you also learn to surrender, a harbinger of immense content and peace. It is at the same time learning and unlearning. You are an introvert, Maliny, which has its positive as well as negative sides. Rake up both and find your anchor! Your strength lies in coming face to face with your own self! Great reading…some very unique expressions there!


    1. Thank you so much for grazing the blog with your presence and with your inspiring words everytime. You are right. I am in the process of coming to terms with the flaws of my self, which were built in me for a purpose. I am slowly coming to a phase where I am at peace with myself.

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  3. O I am so much just the way you described Maliny!.. I hesitate so so much when it comes to asking favors.. I prefer doing things on my own, rather than asking for it.. and this sometimes kills lot of time of mine.. It is good to get your work done by someone else though, but I suck at asking for it, just like you 🙂



  4. I can somewhat resonate with your thoughts. I, too, hesitate to ask for a favour, whatever small it might be. Maybe I’m a bit introvert, or the ego, which refrains me from asking for help. But I would rather like to see it in the way of an independent woman, who is capable of taking care of herself, in all adversities… 🙂 (Again the ego is speaking, I think 😛 )

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