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Being Personal – Mid Week Quests

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This blog was born out of a misery. A misery which was capable enough to shake the earth beneath me. A helpless and distraught me found respite in the blank canvas that lay invitingly before me on this glaring monitor. It has been close to eight years since I started blogging. The blog started off as a niche where I jotted down random posts that niggled in the depths of me, desperately pleading thereby to let them out. I wrote my first ever piece of poetry, not on a ragged piece of paper or on the blank pages of my notebook when I was a child; I wrote that on an MS Word document and copied it onto my blog, but when I was 20. This blog has taught me many a thing, but more than that, somewhere on the trail, it shrouded itself the cloak of an archaeologist and started excavating the hidden chambers in the gurgling innards of me. I discovered a part of me that lay buried in an abandoned corner, waiting to be unearthed someday, before it was too late.

Around two years into the journey, the concept of blogging in me underwent a drastic change. I started eyeing blogging as an exercise I could undertake to polish my writing skills without depending on anyone. It seemed to me the perfect way to test the strength, durability and flexibility of my writing. Undoubdtedly, the opinions of my readers acted as an essential inspiration all along, to keep experimenting and to try out fresh avenues on the wide pedestal of writing. And that was how I started writing stories in this space. Over the time, this blog changed shades and metamorphosed into, more than anything else, a creative blog. Snippets of my personal life and accounts of my hitherto unspoken emotions dwindled with time.

Over the past few weeks, I have been having a recurrent thought as to why I stopped peeking into the individual in me to lend voice to the forgotten cadence chirping shyly somewhere inside.  I have been busy dissecting the many fictitious characters, that I was never implored to infuse life into the multifarious hues that lay redundant in me.

Talking of personal blogs, I am tempted to confide in you a couple of vagaries too, that in a way, acted as the implicit prompt for this post. These might sound insignificant, or perhaps even undeserving to be encouraged, owing to its silliness. But I do have to let it out, to attain respite from the consistent disturbing urge to speak out the heart’s dilemmas. To put it simply,

  • Is it necessary that each and every post I write in this blog, or for that matter, any blogger writes in his/her blog ought to highlight a particular message?
  • Should it always speak of something that satiates the interests of the readers?
  • Should it always garner comments aplenty?

I personally love to read blog posts that are written from the heart.  I may not always have words to express how I felt for the writer when I read those, but I sure hold those accounts close to my heart. And it was when I thought it that way, that it struck me that blogging needn’t always be about the readers. At times, it should also be about satisfying the writer in you; let it be through pointless rambling speeches, introspective posts, stories, poignant poems, or however else it may be.

On a very positive note, I have decided to not unnecessarily chain this blog with reins any more. This blog shall have everything till the time I decide to wrap it up sans a return journey– Stories, poems, reviews, random musings and photographs- Everything that touches my heart, everything that I would want to segregate and have etched in this space in black and blue, so that they would have a soul of their own to realise that they are to look deep in my eyes and smile when I feel the inevitable need to reminisce. This space ought to be and would be a hint to what I am in the inside. 

Also, I shall strive hard to keep posting regularly in ‘Mid Week Quests’. I have started liking this section of blog the most. Now, after writing this post, I have the inkling that in 2016, this blog might witness the celebration of the essence of being. Well, I cannot be happier for that revelation. 

If something as evocative as deciphering the whispers of my soul would nudge my pen to scribble more, then why not?


P.S: This post is tagged with Mid Week Quests, a sub section of this blog where I write on a Wednesday, about random nuggets from my life .


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6 thoughts on “Being Personal – Mid Week Quests”

  1. ‘somewhere on the trail, it shrouded itself the cloak of an archaeologist and started excavating the hidden chambers in the gurgling innards of me. I discovered a part of me that lay buried in an abandoned corner, waiting to be unearthed someday, before it was too late’, I liked the way you have put your thoughts in these lines. As for me I only know writing from the heart. I do not have answers to your questions since that would mean applying too much mind over heart. When we explore and bring forth our personal side that is when we connect with people. Your (comprehensive) gratitude post did the same thing with me.


  2. Blogs are ur way of speaking out your thoughts, communicating what’s in ur mind to people who like to listen. It neednt be anything with a message, just one person communication with many..


  3. Well, true that is to satisfy the writer in us but then when readers share their opinion, it will be even more encouraging. And blog is a powerful medium to voice our thoughts. Keep blogging. 🙂


  4. A blog is your personal space where you express your unique voice. I am all for bloggers writing for themselves, as well as writing for an audience, or a combination of both. Personal writings not only help you to reflect but also are a record of your experiences and expressions at that time. So share all that you can and wish to 🙂


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