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Soliloquy- Saturday Specifics

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I feel relentless waves of sleep lash against me. My body, at present an embodiment of weariness, screams at me, pleading to be permitted to rest. I look around speculatively. My dreary eyes rove around the surrounding to rule out unassuming silhouttes of danger lurking around.

How could I let my body sleep unless I rule out the nasty tentacles of harm?
As the guardian, being the soul,  am I not the one to take care of my bodily presence in this world?

Looking around, I see warm, compassionate hearts meandering beside me. Hearts that fed me when I was hungry. Hearts that tended to my wounds ever so caringly. Hearts that caressed me exactly where I wanted it to be. Hearts that looked in to my eyes and smiled, as if I meant the world to them. Hearts that whispered to me lullabies of love, when I yearned for it the most. 

They wouldn’t hurt me in any way, would they?

Those chaotic days in the dark eerie corners of the street are behind me, so are the minds that were repulsively hazardous than the stones they threw diligently at the battered souls. I have been rescued for good. Now, as I slip slowly down into the serene haven of slumber, I feel caring hands stroking me slowly.

Convinced, I yield to the seamless pleas of my being.  I sleep peacefully till the last shred of tiredness is eased out of me. I sleep knowing that I am under the watchful eyes of my saviour.  Hunger pacified, thirst quenched, I sleep, sound, sane and satisfied for once in my life.


P.S: This post is tagged with ‘Saturday Specifics’, a sub section of this blog where I put up something creative- a story, poem, haiku, Flash Fiction or a Book Review.

P.P.S: Dedicated to all those amazing people and organisations in the world who inhabit animals, either as pets or as a way of providing them shelter. 

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