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At Crossroads – Mid Week Quests

A part of my collection at home

Life has it that, it needs to smother us with torrents of sorrows at one time, but to exhilarate us with thickets of joy at the others. Just last week, I was lamenting about the humdrum that persisted in my professional life owing to serious setbacks at the administration front and merely at the start of this week, I am bombarded with alluring choices as to how to take forward my professional life. It so happens that I am not yet done with my higher studies- Another two year would be a boon when it comes to my professional skills, I being in a surgical speciality. Nevertheless, I received the appointment order for a permanent Government job this week, out of an interview that was conducted a couple of years back. There are a few worries about taking up the same, but there are things to rejoice as well.

My parents are overjoyed with the unexpected turn of events much more than me. They think I should grab the job sans any delay, but still make sure that my concentration suffers no aberration from the higher studies dream wheel I am manoeuvring. For doctors, a government job after serving residency means steady working hours and options to relax in between, during the night off days and week off days, although we do have to serve 24hour duties every week or so. The environment is blissfully different, although only relatively, from the residency period, when the resident is supposed to available in the hospital, either in person or as on call duty 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for 365 days a year.

Residency days witnessed the slow demise of my creativity. I have no regrets, for it died or rather went into hibernation for a noble cause. I see it as more of a sacrifice, which deserves praise, let alone disturbing and remorseful stares. The books that I had so wishfully bought to be read, soon was drowned in an ocean of the academic text books. I abandoned my efforts to seek a muse for there were direr matters at hand imploring my attention and service. I even believed, assertively, to an extent that I would never ever write again in my life and that my passion would remain buried in a deserted, enclosed pit forever. However much I tried to focus on the pages of a novel, I could hardly make myself drag my eyes for more than a few pages at a time. Although, all the while, a feeble voice had been muttering in the back of my mind that the phase should pass soon. Yet, somehow man tends to ignore the forecasts of the soul sometimes and find an inexplicable, mysterious joy in the heinous task of rubbing the salts of apprehension on the still oozing wound. Not much of a ghastly wound when it comes to the scenario I just described, but, an aching abrasion for sure the unappetising emotion was. 

I assumed mine was an isolated case of reader’s block, until yesterday when one of my dearest friends confessed that she was encountering a similar situation, her life being chock a block with the formidable, implicit and explicit responsibilities of residency. She also added that a day without reading a book always felt incomplete for her. How true!

It so turns out that for me, spring hastily follows winter, however long the stone cold era might be. The period of parchment the bibliophilic section of my mind and heart is accustomed to, if the atmosphere transforms to a more favourable one, is without much delay followed by an entirely enriching experience. I know that this endearing halt on my journey has to be considered as an oasis, for the days of sheer bliss( concerning the reader in me, for the doctor in me feels blessed every minute of the day with or without books) are not to last long.

From there ensue the cascade of acts that any bibliophile could relate to- Buying dozens of books online/offline and savouring them back to back, all the while snuggling onto the couch, munching on crispy chips punctuated with sips of tea or coffee. This has happened to me occasionally before too- During my Summer vacations back in school, after my Medical entrance, on year end breaks in college, after my post graduate entrance and now recently, after my post graduate university exam.

The bittersweet truth is even when I pine to get hold of a book; I fear it would be hard to fall back on my habit of reading after a long hiatus. Inertia sometimes take a toll on me, but once I overcome that marshy patch, things start to glide fast smoothly.

Coming back to my soon-to-be posted job, if I dissect it to shreds there are several pros and cons:


  1. There is nothing new to be learnt to perform the job (Now that is one good thing about being a doctor. You are trained to act according to the circumstances, however mind numbing those might be)
  2. I would be ‘working’ after a monotonous gap of five months.
  3. I hope to read and write, now that I am officially a medical officer, and not a surviving medical student.
  4. Reasonable amount of leisure time


  1. I would have to shift to the rural terrains of another district.
  2. I would miss the comforts of my home.
  3. I wouldn’t particularly be using the skills I acquired through my post graduation for the time being. But surely, after a while it would happen.

I look forward to penning down a post after I embark on the new job. A whole new list of pros and cons might welcome me there, who knows.

For the time being, I am relishing my much sought after time with books. I am relieved that I reclaimed my habit and to consolidate the same, I signed up for the Goodreads Reading Challenge too for a goal of 50 books in 2016. I long to read more than that, but one never knows how the days turn out to be in my profession. I have had a lot of book talks this week- with my friend whose words echoed my thoughts, with an upcoming author on his debut and right when I thought it was going to end, I received a courier carrying the books I had ordered online last week, stirring in me the flame to write this post for this week’s Mid Week Quests. I am leaving you all with a picture of my latest assets. Posing suavely alongside is the cutest, cuddliest, sleepy little gem who is my writing companion these days.

Ogle as much as you want, but do leave behind your own stories surrounding books. Do you go on a reading spree like me when you finally earn the time? Have you too weighed out the pros and cons enroute a new job? Do you suffer creativity-block yourself when accosted with duty calls ?

There is not a thing I don’t love in this picture!


P.S: This post is tagged with Mid Week Quests, a sub section of this blog where I write on a Wednesday, about random nuggets from my life .


21 thoughts on “At Crossroads – Mid Week Quests”

  1. I love to read but it takes me a month to finish a book. Reasons are galore. I am a slow reader. I savour the lines,dialogues and paras again and again which I find have depth to them. I get half an hour to read before sleeping at night unless I dismiss all other work in the house. I have a book lover in my son who insists upon me reading his books to him and I too love reading his picture books more 🙂 Hopefully we will grow together in reading.

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  2. If it is any consolation, I haven’t read a book for fun since November began.. Since my work is also related reading..reading happens.. Some days and months are that way.. I had penned a post on it .. I start with comic strips, my fav books and get back to rhythm. But most often what I’ve flet is it is when I am swarmed with work and other things that I am the most creative 🙂

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  3. I do Pro-Con too with any important issue coming my way…that way i can take an informed decision. Only if you are satisfied, should you go ahead with the job – but Govt job has numerous benefits, especially when the economy is tough!

    I am not into books much, paucity of time!

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  4. Congratulations, Maliny and best wishes to you as you take up your new job. May you achieve greater heights of success in your noble profession. Anuja Chauhan’s book is simply funny and an interesting read. I enjoyed reading it and her latest one, The House that BJ Built is sequel to Those Pricey Thakur Girls is also awesome.

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    1. I love her articles. But even before reading those I had come across her books. The covers allured me, to say the truth. I had been postponing them for fear that I may find those too casual. But once I started reading her columns, I became a fan. If I like this book, I will definitely check out ‘The House that BJ Built’ too 🙂
      Thnaks you for the wishes:)


  5. I too am a list maker when it comes to making big decisions. I write down the pros and cons, and that helps me get clarity.
    Congratulations on your job offer. Good luck with whatever you decide. 🙂

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  6. I love to read too and do it when I get time. If I dont feel like reading, I dont. But, dont give up on your hobbies. They will keep you sane during hard times.

    Congratulations on your job posting.. with more leisure time, more writing and reading time 😉


  7. I fed up after reading a lot during childhood to post graduation, i don’t know how much i have to reading books. After my post graduation i dont want to read books, i am very lazy to read in the mean time too. but after a long time in job i find you must read book by which you want to boost your carrier!!

    well your Pros:and Cons: are readable during the post readings…


  8. Congratulations, Maliny, on the coveted government job! I am sure it will give you a much-needed opportunity to read all those lovely books you’ve lined up for the coming days! Time is the most valued entity at this point in life, as you juggle between your commitments and choose according to priority! Great to know you’ve got a back-up plan already, wise planning I say!! I am so looking forward to your forthcoming post after you begin your new job. Would love to know if it has matched with your expectations of it. Keep writing as and when time permits. I have had the privilege to know my grandfather, a doctor who was seen as a man of letters; who, at one time, operated upon his patients with equal ease with which he yielded the pen or tended to his beautifully laid out garden. Having varied interests does mean quite a bit of juggling around things but it also makes life rich and meaningful…proud to know a doctor like yourself who is so passionate about reading too…!


  9. Three cheers for the doc, first of all! 🙂 It’s always nice to see such news. Though no thoughts on that part of your post, it’s a decision I have no idea about so won’t go into that.

    Reading, yeah, when one has a reader’s block, it feels difficult to break. When that happens, best to try an old beloved book to get back into the flow and love of reading, and then try new books. 🙂 I find that works.

    Good luck. 50 is a nice target. 52 is more apt, since the year has 52 weeks. 😀 You can do it!


  10. Maliny, like you, am not getting much time to read which gives me a feeling of incompleteness. If only the days could be of forty eight hours…I have stopped thinking on the pros and cons of my professional situation because stagnation brings in complacency whether you like it or not. Creativity block…not exactly…but at times I have to shove the urge to write right behind the mazes of my mind to give priority to life and its plethora of expected and unexpected demands which again is a torment, to say the least.

    Wish you all the very best in your journey ahead…the rural backdrop will bring you closer to the grassroots which I feel is a must for the gen next given the vastness of the sub-continent….patriotism is something which has in the era of globalization become down market! Yet….the longing to be with the roots is something which perhaps comes with age, experience and maturity…keep posting such thoughtful posts and I like the concept of book talk – its intellectually stimulating and enriching!!


  11. OOoiiwww.. You mean to say you won’t be writing much? Please, don’t do that.. I’ll miss you and I’ll miss the warmth of this place.. All the very best for your job.. May it help you grow more and more.. And writer’s block.. I keep suffering from time to time.. It only makes me more natural or normal to be honest 😛

    See you around 🙂



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