Of Bygones And Those Forgotten Treasures- Mid Week Quests

I am coupling today’s Mid Week Quests with a Throw back gesture. This is a post I wrote two years back and I still hold these thoughts close to my heart. I hope the post is worth sharing here one more time.

Maliny Mohan

A Tharavadu In Kerala . Image Source : here

My mother’s ancestral house (Tharavadu ) , a formidable building encased in a vast area of land , is tucked away in a remote village in Quilon district , which happens to be barely two hours from the city I reside .  As was the general norm a few decades back , my mother used to co – inhabit the house with her parents , cousins , nephews , nieces and grandparents , and as she reminisces  to this day , sans doubt , they used to have an enticing life in all its pomp and splendour . The older women of the house helmed the kitchen , while adolescent girls of my mother’s age caressed their babies and adorned them with every piece of fancy ornament they could get their hands on . A few exuberant male members took charge…

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