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Of Good Conversations And Birthday gifts- Mid Week Quests


I am forced to keep this post short due to constraints of time, but you wouldn’t mind it as the topic is one that is packed with the sweetest of flavours. Before I proceed, I would like to recall a scene from a movie I hold close to my heart, ‘You’ve got mail’, where the character played by Meg Ryan, after an impulsive bout of speech, confesses to the character played by Tom Hanks that it was the first time in her life that she has been able to say the exact words she intended to say. She goes on to say that it was something she had wanted to experience for a long time. Now, I don’t know if you have thought much about it before, but I don’t usually dissect the conversations I have with my friends or family. I am not much of a talkative person and I don’t make friends in the blink of my eye. Socialising doesn’t come easily to me. It takes hours of cajoling from the aspiring author in me to put up a post on my page on Facebook. I am an introvert and proud to be so. But that doesn’t mean that I don’t discern good conversations the moment I have one. I do. I am an ardent admirer of soulful conversations. I love soulful bonding over a cup of tea or a dinner spent in the company of my near ones.

Coming back to the movie, Meg Ryan’s dilemma didn’t completely complement my stand, but what reminded me when I saw that scene again a few days back was the way I yearn to write down the thoughts, that visit the nooks and corners of my mind, coloured with precisely the same hues and emotions as they had trotted through me. If there is one thing that I would like to wish for as a writer, it would be to present my mind before the reader as an exact replica of the vortex of my mind. I struggle most of the time to do that and I fear if I am alone in that. There have been times when I ended up crying while writing a short story, and believe me, I have never been that happy to have cried my heart out ever. I wouldn’t want to cry every time, I am somewhat sure of that, but then, I would definitely wish to write my heart out every time I make an attempt. And maybe that is why I have made it a habit these days to jot down the plots and nuggets that whizz through my mind, the moment it do that. May be that is why I long to develop and scribble down a story, the moment the seed is sowed in my mind, scared that the moment would pass.

Even when it comes to conversations, as I told earlier, I do have an insight to appreciate good conversations when they happen. It simply persists in your mind for long, making you smile for longer. The memory of one such rendezvous lingers fresh in my mind and perhaps that is why I felt a persevering nudge to write this post today. Imbibing the pleasing silence that floats between a group of like minded people can be a beautiful form of conversation sometimes, but just think how special the moment would be when the same silence is intersperced with soulful words too- words that matter to them, matters that are legible to that circle of people alone and seem jargons to anyone outside. A good conversation might be short, yet it manages to blow you off with its sweetness. It could be spontaneous, yet it turns out to be perfectly worded. A good conversation is not concocted, but it flows unpromted, defining the uniqueness of a beautiful relationship. 

Basking in the swooning delicacy, I am excited to have more things to be happy about. I am celebrating my birthday tomorrow and even when the fact remains that I am a year older, I cannot help but feel grateful that I could spend it with a peaceful mind and a healthy body. Moreover, the gift started flowing in today from close quarters, satiating the petulant little girl in me and the truth that it doesn’t happen often makes it even more special. 
Maliny Mohan, Chasing Passions

Before winding this post, the birthday girl would love to hear about the last time you had a soulful conversation with a dear one. Was it with your child, your spouse, a friend or your parents? I am looking forward to reading your comments. Maybe a birthday wish too, if that is not too much to ask for? 



P.S: This post is tagged with Mid Week Quests, a sub section of this blog where I write on a Wednesday, about random nuggets from my life.

6 thoughts on “Of Good Conversations And Birthday gifts- Mid Week Quests”

  1. Happy wala birthday Naliny and cheers to write more this year. I fall between intro and extrovert. I take my time to break the ice with people and constantly look for this productive conversation:)


  2. Belated Birthday wishes. Sorry I missed this milestone post of yours. Milestone because it preceded an important event the day next – your entry into this beautiful world. I agree soulful conversation need not be verbose. Even silence speaks volumes and reaches out to the one who understands you perfectly. Good that you put up a post on a very untouched subject – unworded communication.


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