The Year So Far

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There are so many things I have been pining to write about. Anyone who would be travelling a lot to work would share similar feelings with me when I say that there are gazillion events scattered around us, waiting to be experienced.  They are accustomed to yet another gazillion ways of interpretation as well, which in turn augments the rich journey experience. I fail when it comes to creating individual posts about each nugget I picked along the way. Nevertheless, I sure can create a collage in an intriguing, fascinating way if I try to throw you some light into the images picked up by my mind’s eye. What triggered this post was watching‘Marley and Me’ for the umpteenth time last week. Those of you who have watched the movie would know a certain cascade of scenes in it, where Owen Wilson narrates the interesting and the not-so-interesting events in his life in a seamless motion. Well, since the first time I saw that movie, I have been wanting to pen down something on that line, even though doubts are high whether I can pull it off. Albeit, there is no harm in putting a little effort, is there? So here it goes. In the following paragraph, I have tried my best to summarise a particular day last week, when I actually wrote this down on my way back from work.

‘Woke up peppered with laziness. The hues changed to exuberance while taking bath. Had my favourite breakfast of roti and egg. Moved to the railway station by car. Felt a tinge of sorrow as I left my father to the train. The emotion was overpowered by embarrassment as I thought about returning home the next day itself. Sat smiling in the train. Thought about the solo book that I have been working on. Thought about the cats back at home. Thought about shifting to a house near the hospital where I was working. Imaged myself cooking on my own and felt a tinge of pride thinking about the satisfaction. Thought about a few other things too (which are too personal). Reached the station. Walked for a good few minutes before reaching the hospital. Treated 200 plus patients. Ate dinner in two minutes. Caught few hours of sleep somehow. Returned by train. Observed the child and mother who sat against me. The child was falling asleep, which the mother didn’t want to encourage as their stop was nearing. She tried to keep him awake by asking him to look out for elephants, who were supposedly meant to cross them the next minute. Laughed hearily at the scene. Read ‘’. Reached home tired and relieved. Took bath, slept and ate. Read again. Edited a story. Watched ‘Everybody loves Raymond and ‘How I Met Your Mother’ on Romedy Now. Had dinner. Talked to parents. Talked to a friend. Slept peacefully. Repeat (Almost, when I am working)’

So, there, I did it!

The days I work are the most eventful for me, although a budding thought of being at home and writing the whole day, crosses my mind at times and allure me strongly. I discard the thought every time, as soon as it tries to overpower me, labelling it too spontaneous and an injustice to the almost one decade of my married life with medicine.

 Anyway, I have had a very long day and I think I shall now have a cup of tea and relax. But before that, I would like to raise a toast to the first three months of this year, which found me reading more books than ever. I finished reading 20 books out of my 50 book reading challenge and I can’t be happier! I got a permanent Govt job and I have been writing stories along with that, which points to the fact that my New Year resolutions are slowly turning out to be true.  

I am leaving you with a list of the books I read this year, along with the ratings. Wait, how about a photograph? That sounds lively, isn’t it? You can follow this link for my reviews too – Goodreads. I would love to write reviews for all, but then it takes a lot of time for me to write a detailed review, as a book is never easily written and it deserves the attention it wishes for. 











My birthday was in March and the day went great too, if you remember my last post. Oh, and a book where I am a contributing author released on March 23rd and it can be ordered from Amazon by following this link – Here. I ought to have announced this news at the start of the post! 

Life is indeed a double edged sword, isn’t it? Sadly, there had been matters of sorrow too, which I feel I should let reside in my heart and not spill out here, for your good. So, quite a balanced beginning to the year it was, I would say. Now tell me, how was your first three months of the year?


6 thoughts on “The Year So Far”

  1. I was with you throughout the day you described, all of it. I saw myself visualizing elephants crossing by the train, even treating 200 patients hahaha. God bless those patients if I were to be sitting in your chair. But, seriously 200 patients in a day is too much. The thing I wanted to tell you for your gratitude post, I am going to tell you today (better late than never). As patients, we (yes, including me) hardly see or imagine a doctor leading a normal life like us. A doctor is a doctor for us. He/She can be a good or a bad doctor by how well he/she can diagnose or treat an ailment but a human who may be a having less confident day or a not so good day, nobody thinks about this aspect. I am grateful to know the human side of a doctor. I am grateful to know you.

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  2. It’s always so heart warming to read your posts Maliny 🙂 And you are quite a reader, aren’t you? Congratulations for your books and the job! And all these, writing them down looks fantastic.. I’m always filled with them.. I should try them too someday 🙂

    Loved to hear from you 🙂



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