Six Reasons To Choose A Window Seat – Bits From Life


Do you feel the topic to be a tab bit weird to be writing about? Well, even I thought so as the seeds of this post first germinated inside my mind. I settled down on my not-so-cozy hostel bed, took out my diary and my fancy pen and started scribbling down the ‘important’ points that rushed to my mind when I recollected all those times when my heart and soul ached for a window seat on a journey. Each time I closed my eyes invitingly to let the memories revisit me, I was generously blessed with a shower of unexpected thoughts on the journeys I have made in my life. I am not a globe-trotter, nor have I been to anywhere outside our country. The places I have visited are limited to a few prominent states and the landmarks they proudly advertise, as most journeys would have been made tagged with an imminent entrance exam, or a temple visit. Nevertheless, the outpour of nostalgia struck me hard and I was happy that I decided to write this post anyway.

Who wouldn’t love a window seat? Whether it be a car, a bus, a train or an airplane, wouldn’t window seat be the most preferred one by the majority of travellers? Love is not blind in this context and there indeed are several reasons for a traveller to prefer a window seat over a middle one or an aisle. Even though the introduction might sound grave, I would like my readers to take this post with a pinch of salt, as the points mentioned here are solely for the purpose of viewing the whole drama from a fun point of view.

So, shall we move onto the six points that my reasoning presented me with when thrown this question?

  1. Those of you who have read me before would know the recurring ingredient of nature in my short stories. I am an ardent admirer of the magnificence that is nature and I would vouch for the pacifying element ingrained in any aspect of nature, anywhere, anytime. Hence, the most important benefit of opting a window seat, according to me, is that you are able to register the diverse ingredients of nature – the placid lakes, the gurgling rivulets, the fresh green formidable trees, the mesmerising canvas that is sky, among many.
  1. Who wouldn’t love a steady blast of icy wind brushing against their supple skin, intending to soothe you down by its mere touch? A strong, constant spray would be inconvenient for girls, but you can always cover your head with a scarf. I can sit for hours at a stretch listening to the interesting stories the breeze carries with it from the yore, melting in it, only to be redeemed afresh at the end of the journey.
  1. The world scurrying past you in a jiffy as the vehicle moves, definitely grants you that much needed adventure you have been pining for to set a good start to your day while on the ride to your office.
  1. When stuck in a new city, one would be wary of the many vagaries one might be confounded with , ranging from the grocery store to the supermarket, from the stationary shop to a decent restaurant. Embarking on a ride by the local bus, letting your eyes graze the nooks and corners of a fresh city, could offer you an easy manner by which you are provided a demonstration of the many places you might want to halt in your future, when in need for the essential supplies, to keep you going.
  1. Tell me, have you taken a ride by the local bus or train and visited a place for the first time alone? Have you wished you were sitting by the window seat so that you could have a clearer view of the train stops/ town names to enable you to alight at your stop at the right time? Now, that is another good thing about opting for the window seat. Also, it lets you memorise the names of the important towns and streets of the city you have moved in recently, which would anyhow be useful in your future stay in the place.
  1. If you a regular user of the public transport, you will know by now that you will be invariably pushed and taunted if you pick an aisle seat at the peak hours of the day. Sitting jammed between sweaty bodies might not be a fruitful idea too. In addition to the peace a window seat provides you in such conditions, it even enables you to sleep for a few minutes leaning onto the window pane, if your job needs you to be alive and kicking in the early hours of the morning.

There ends my informal list of reasons for choosing a window seat while you travel and I do hope, you might resort to one the next time you find yourself in a mode of transport. Remember me then, won’t you?

Before you leave, fill me in if you have anything more to add to this list celebrating the love for window seats. I am all ears 🙂


39 thoughts on “Six Reasons To Choose A Window Seat – Bits From Life”

  1. I am so like you on this. I sometimes argue with Saru to give me one, but she is equally thrilled to sit there ☺

    For me, it is the expectation to see something unexpected which could be Wow!


  2. OMG- It sounds so muck like me. I traveled a lot not for the love of it but for my Jobs. Whether it was a bus, train or plane- I always wished for one actually craved. I feel suffocated otherwise:(
    While I was in Mumbai, I traveled alone a lot many times and its fun to be at window seat.


  3. I do like to travel sitting near the window seat. If its a long journey, the nature and busy towns come one scene after another. Some will bring new thoughts and some will take you back to your world of memories. Traveling on regular basis in cities, u will be acquainted with the regular roadside vendors and their life. We get a chance to have glimpses of many ordinanry lives around us which usually we don’t see in our routine busy life. Also such travel time is mostly used by us to escape into memories or illusion.


  4. Loved your little list because I could agree to each point you made.
    Though with age I have learnt to give up the window seat without much fuss, but nothing matches travelling solo on a window seat gazing at nature’s bounty with refreshing cool breeze charging your senses.

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  5. So, here’s another one who’s crazy for window seats 😀 Hi5 to that… I’m almost passionate about window seats be it train, bus or car. Even in a flight I do web check-in just to ensure that I get a window seat… 😛 I agree with all your points above. And, you can’t believe me, I keep on staring out of the window even at night when there’s nothing outside except the moving darkness… I love that too…

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  6. Maliny quite honestly. I kind of avoid the window seat simply because the wind ruffles and badly messes my hair, a lame excuse but pretty excruciating if you have unwieldy hair like mine. I love gazing out of windows and I miss the open windows in trains as we now travel by AC coaches, especially during the night hours when the view from the train window is bewitching. Loved your post as it carried me to another place!

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  7. I love sitting and gazing by the window side, watching movement and trains when the bus riding adjacent to a railway station. Places like Lonavla comes to my mind while traveling Mumbai to Pune. I love this route by bus.


  8. I love the window seat – be it the bus or the local train. The first time I travelled by plane, I sat in the window seat and experienced a childlike glee in spite of not being able to see much except the blue skies and the white cottony clouds. I loved your post, Maliny. I, too, always hoped to get the window seat whenever I travelled to college or work or anywhere. First of all, as you said, I don’t have to get sandwiched between sweaty bodies, or get brushed past by annoying characters in the bus. Secondly, I get to see the place, even if I know it like the back of my palm; get to observe life from close up, or just enjoy the breeze and catch a few winks!
    I admire your writing style, Maliny! You paint a vivid picture with your words! ❤


  9. Oh, I always want to sit near a window for all these reasons. Window seats give you the opportunity to have those few hours of blissful peace and solitude which is somehow not there in the aisle or the middle seat.


  10. I guess not getting a window seat is quite similar to being punished!
    I generally choose window seat when I’m flying, but at times I have been denied this privilege. On one occasion, a fellow traveler who occupied the window seat, chose to close the window lid at the time of landing, denying me the privilege of the awesome views. And I was…”Grrrr”
    But there are times when I don’t choose window seat…especially traveling in winters in a bus! Some amount of cold air, finds it’s way inside even if the window is closed!
    Excellent post

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