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Book Review – In The Light Of Darkness

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The last week was fabulous with regard to my reading journey. I happened to read two books after a hiatus which saw me staying away from books more owing to my inertia than due to my present work schedule, which I should say has been relatively relaxed over the past one month. The books that I finished reading were ‘In the light of darkness’ by Radhika Maira Tabrez and ‘Ananya’ by Shilpa Gupta. Social media has a much stronger impact these days and even though at times I hate being drowned in the sea of updates, at several other times, I feel indebted to it for it does a laudable job in introducing me to the astounding talents dwelling in the real world, far away from me, about whom I wouldn’t have had a clue about  if not for my presence on the social media.

I have been following Radhika’s works for quite some time now and impressed by them, I decided to buy a copy of her debut novel ‘In the light of darkness. I downloaded the book on the Kindle app on my tablet and read it during the small breaks I was granted during work. Unlike many other readers, I don’t  stay up late reading a book and most of my reading happens during the day time and so also it has become difficult for me to finish a book in one go these days. Neverthless, I should say I finished this book in a matter of few days, reading around 30-50 pages a day.

In one word, the book was riveting. 

I believe that books dealing with family bondings deserve particular attention these days, especially in today’s world, where the immaculate bond between family members is witnessing a steadfast decline. The book left me in awe as I finished reading it as rarely had I read a book which stressed the importance of family values as much as this one. I love reading family drama and the one book belonging to that genre which I loved reading was ‘The Green Road’ by Anne Enright. ‘In the light of darkness’ could be considered a close competitor to that book, and trust me, I am not exaggerating when I say this.

The book courses the life of three main characters – Susan, Meera and Matthew as they traverse the chaotic journey called life. Their lives are intertwined with each other and also to other characters that are close to them, whether it is Colonel Bindra, Mrs. Bindra, Suhana, Vidhushi, Maanav or Deena. Matthew is undoubtedly one of my most favourite protagonists of all times. He is chivalrous, understanding, compassionate, caring and down-to-earth, everything one would expect from a good human being. But that doesn’t mean he should be perfect, does it? Well, he is not. Matthew has specks of negative shades too like any individual, to know the details and reasons of which you should read the book.

The other characters are also flawlessly etched. Suhana’s chirpiness and sensibility, Meera’s serenity and subtleness, Vidhushi and Maanav’s intensity of friendship and Colonel Bindra’s sturdiness and composure straddled intricately the reader in me .

A sublime element of togetherness underlies the relationship they share with each other and the incidents and conversations highlighting the same would warm the cockles of any reader’s heart. The author’s choice of words needs particular mention, the amalgamation of which results in the evocative read the book is. The editing is commendable and I couldn’t have asked for a better reading experience. The ‘letter’ which forms the crux of the book is sure to leave you misty-eyed. It is pregnant with nuggets of wisdom and one would wonder how beautiful a mother the author would be in her real life.

The book cover, about which I should have mentioned at the start is compellingly symbolic of the nostalgia one is gripped when one revisits the haven where they resided during their child hood days. Is there someone who wouldn’t cherish a specific nook or corner of their home so much so that they consider it a treasure cove of memories even eons after they have left the place, while turning into mature yet supple adults along the way?

In short, ‘In the light of darkness’ is a celebration of love and oneness. The book, particularly, is a must-read for the present generation who would imbibe much from this book about the worthiness of maintaining good relationship not just with their family members but also with their friends and near ones.

I  just finished ‘Ananya’ by Shilpa Gupta, which is a beautiful, heart warming book in itself. I had thought of including a review for ‘Ananya’ as well here, but then, the post has already become lengthy. I shall post it in another post, next time. I find myself lucky to have picked up two good books over a period of one week. I would definitely recommend both these books for the readers out there who would love a soothing read, which would act as the much needed force to ease the knots of struggling relationships which we find ourselves in, thanks to the drastically transforming societal norms, values and practices.

But the book online here – In the light of darkness.

So, what have you read over the weekend? Are you keeping up with your 2016 reading challenge? How far have you come?


18 thoughts on “Book Review – In The Light Of Darkness”

  1. Will check out the books you mentioned…..I am currently reading Jodi Picoult’s The Storyteller….It is about a baker and a ninety year old man who confesses to being an SS soldier during the second world war. What follows is a gripping tale which revolves around the idea of victim and monster, good and evil, right and wrong….A compelling book it is so far….

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  2. I’ve found my book reading has suffered from concentrating on blogs. Not enough time for both, but right now I am reading a non fiction book called “Truevine” about two black albino boys kidnapped and kept in a type of slavery in a circus in the United States, forced to become “freaks” in a sideshow for many years, and how this kidnapping affected their lives and the lives of their loved ones.

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  3. That seems like an interesting book. Will look it up.

    As far as my 2016 reading goals go, I have accomplished my number goal, which was 30 books, and I am currently on my 38th book I think, but am not doing so well on the Bookish Bingo I had set up for myself earlier this year. If I could have scored a perfect Bingo, that would have been awesome. 🙂

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      1. Oh yeah. It sure does fly. No kidding. Bingo was more category based like – read a book set in the future, read a historical one etc. I think I have been able to check off 75% of them, but there is no way to do a complete Bingo given the time left in the year.


  4. I’ll check out “The Light of Darkness” and also “The Green Road”. A neat and intriguing review, Maliny. I agree with you about the social media. I’m not addicted, I feel irritated at times with notifications and message, but then again, the social media has helped me to earn some wonderful friends and to know about a hundred others like-minded people… 🙂

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  5. That sure sounds like a good book,Maliny. And, your book review is exquisitely done. I guess on my next visit to the bookshop I will pick it up.
    Last week I read two books – two unputdownable books – ‘I let you go’ by Clare Mackintosh and ‘The Pakistani Bride’, by Bapsi Sidhwa. Both the books had me completely engrossed in them. I wrote a post on the subject of domestic violence, which was the main storyline in ‘I let you go’. And, now, after having read ‘The Pakistani Bride’, I intend to do a book review. This book took my breath away. Both the books had, as their protagonists, women who had to undergo severe hardships because of the men in their lives. If you do find these books, do read them. Esp, the second one.

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  6. A beautiful review Maliny! I like that you mentioned not only the characters and the language but the book cover and maintained that element if intrigue about it . I am certainly looking forward to read ‘The Light of Darkness’ to know Matthew as well as ‘The Green Gate’ too.
    Enjoyed this post .☺


  7. Don’t know why I hadn’t come across your blog earlier. Have read both the books, enjoyed them both. I too would strongly recommend Radhika Tabrez’s In The Light of Darkness. Nice review too. 🙂


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