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My Yoga Journey – Bits From Life

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It dawned on me one day last week that I never wrote on my yoga journey on this space which I consider my most intimate one. Before I start, let me confess that I am a lazy person by birth. Anything which has to do with sleeping less than seven hours a night makes me grumpy. Therefore the concept of excercising, especially yoga , which requires your stomach to be empty for atleast a few hours before you start doing it and thus is better performed in the early mornings, ought to see me cringing, one might deduce. But, trust me, the experience has been superlative this far, about which I shall explain in the following post. 

The journey with yoga has been a ‘love it- but not quite there’ one for so long as I could remember. My tryst with Yoga started around eight years back (Now don’t jump into a conclusion that I am already a yoga guru considering the looming number) when my mother decided to enroll us both into one, after a revelatory conversation surrounding the matter. Life defining decisions are mostly never made on the spur of a moment. They are almost always reached after much nerve wrecking discussions in my family. I love those moments when my parents settle down in our living room, my father leaning back on the sofa, my mother strolling back and forth (Somehow that has been the norm in our house, although movies and books narrate a contrary picture), with I sitting all perky and focussed somewhere in the middle, my eyes dilated and twinkling.

Once the important decision was made, we joined a class which was conducted every Sunday morning for two hours, for a period of three months or so. The Yoga sir was extremely good, his talks resembling that of a philosopher, his moves that of an experienced yogi, which instantly drew us to the classes. We thoroughly enjoyed each session and managed to learn many of the postures and asanas, baring a few which we were told we could master only with intense practice. He taught us all of them too and asked us to practise them regularly at home.

For once, I was thrilled at the prospect of waking up earlier than usual, changing into my leggings to work out and I never missed the sessions for a few days at a stretch. The good days were not to last long, however. Another part of me that I never mentioned here is about a minor condition regarding my knee joints. The condition is not dire and is not something which seeks complicated treatment modalities. It could very well be kept at bay with the right amount of hamstring exercises, although, I have been warned to not squat purposelessly, to avoid stairs if possible and to not take part in activities which demand active participation of my knee joints, which included dancing.  Now, most of the asanas in yoga include stretching or flexing the knees and that was when the true problem started. I started having acute pain in my knees due to the exaggerated interest in yoga those days and the condition rebounded, which saw me taking medications for a few weeks and resorting to less active works. The days had me say a temporary farewell to my yoga sessions and an almost permanent one to my dancing hobby (I did dance for my brother’s sangeet, to not dance seemed almost impossible a task)

Now fast forward to the present and you see a person wrought with anxiety and stress, sometimes for a reason, but most other times for no reason at all. I have been fighting anxiety for over a year and only recently did I start thinking of resuming my yoga practice as the soothing effect of yoga on the nerves is a secret widely acclaimed. But, what about my knees? Wouldn’t the pain recur? The queries kept pestering me to no end. I had made up my mind regarding turning to yoga to pacify me and so also, to find a solution to the problems that came along was mandatory. I decided to scan the internet for yoga postures that wouldn’t exert additional stress to my knees and voila, I did manage find a few! I decided to perform my hamstring exercise along with the yoga postures, so that any damage thus protracted would be managed then and there itself. These days, with a little push, I find it a refreshing task to wake up a little earlier than usual to engage in my work out session. I try to induce a ten minute meditation routine too into the schedule, which is working wonders, al though at a slow and steady pace.The serenity that I am endowed with following a half hour work out is exemplary and I make sure I savour it to the fullest in the company of a hot cup of black coffee.

I should say, the new habit has definitely calmed my nerves to some extent, a tad more so, I believe, because of the sense of achievement that comes along with it. When there is will, there is bound to be a way, I am forced to conclude. With regard to my dancing routine, I don’t dance now, but I do try out sinewy movements with my body and hands, whenever I find the right tune to do so.

Do you have any such tales to narrate regarding  your work out habits? Do share. And before you go, let me wish you a Merry Christmas and a refreshing New Year in advance!


19 thoughts on “My Yoga Journey – Bits From Life”

  1. Kudos to you Maliny for not gving up on Yoga despite the painful moments its asanas brought your way. I’m glad to learn that you have finally found a way to balance Yoga with ways to keep the tension minimum on your hamstrings.
    May your new found solace continue in the days to come.
    Keep Going girl!

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  2. Glad to know that you have adamantly stuck to yoga Maliny! Meditation is the right choice to choose to, I personally follow a suryanamaskar session and meditation everyday. I cannot start my day without some time to my body and soul.

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  3. Knee joints condition at your age, Oh dear! I am glad that you are able to manage it with yoga. I hope meditation is relieving you of your anxiety. I am not a dancer. My cells and tissues will just not move or let me move so I cannot understand what it must be like not being able to dance 😀 I have had a similar on and off Yoga story in 2016, only a year. Every morning, I have one hour between dropping D at the school bus and beginning my chores with the maid being around. During this time, I have to make my choice between doing yoga, blogging, reading blogs, reading newspaper or simply sitting and staring at the bare white walls of the living room (did the last one sound scary?), so somedays yoga wins, on other days it looses out.

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    1. It takes time to fall in love with yoga, I feel. Yes, you are attracted to it right then and there but to keep at it consistently is altogether a different matter. I hope you manage to find time for the routine in 2017 🙂 Merry Christmas and have a marvellous year ahead 🙂 Looking forward to more of Dhruv’s stories too 🙂


  4. Great is very good for body and good that you are able to do it regularly. I love dancing..its my passion. I can dance anywhere anytime 😉
    Keep going and take care of your body. Merry christmas and happy new year to you too. 🙂

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  5. I’ve had a very similar experience recently – I was having lower back pain which made me turn to yoga, which worsened it! Finally a visit to the doctor confirmed I had trouble with my piriformis muscle, which got exaggerated with all those forward bends. Been on rest for more than a week, and now I’m on the lookout for more back bends!

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  6. I have been doing yoga since 2010 April, that is when my son was 4 months old. I had/have back pain, which actually worsened as I developed a new condition – degenerative disc disease – which was diagnosed in 2015. I can’t do power Yoga or the fast flow ones. But yin yoga helps a lot for me. Now I started doing Yoga again after delivery. It helps in keeping the back pain at bay. Plus I love those few moments of calmness. But these days I am getting only5 -10 minutes at a stretch for my workout. 🙂 Good for you, Maliny. Always a delight to meet fellow Yoga enthusiasts. 🙂


  7. I re-started yoga earlier this year and must say I regretted not keeping it up. I used to pooh-pooh it when I was younger and had to do it as part of school. It’s been good to do. I used to have knee problems after hiking a lot but physio helped a fair bit plus modifying my gym workouts. Good on you with yoga and meditation — two things I’m hoping to do more of in 2017. Hope you have a wonderful year ahead!


  8. I love Yoga and like you I’ve been at it for many years but I’m no guru. Just this morning a side plank make me huff and puff. My weak back is working cos of yoga. I’m glad you were able to do yoga inspite of the trouble. May you progress more on your journey this new year.


  9. I used to do a particular kriya regularly but sadly discontinued it due to laziness. I keep intending to resume but lack the willpower. I completely endorse the benefits. I lost my pregnancy weight in a healthy way and also had a smooth delivery thanks to yoga. It’s inspiring to read your experience, Maliny. I’m going to somehow restart my practice in 2017.
    Wish you a happy new year 🙂


  10. I’ve been doing Yoga on and off since I was 17 years old. I started out as a last ditch effort to grow tall (my mother mistakenly believed that I could stretch a few inches !!!) and gradually became an addict. But there are times when I find that my body aches and after several classes with different teachers and gurus and schools, I finally do my own thing early in the morning.
    It truly is the best time to focus on just 4 asanas (do your favourite ones ) I like Janu Shirshasan, Padangushtasan, Sarvangasan, Adhomukhashvanasan, Tadasam, Trikonasan, Marjari Asan and of course Shavasan!


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