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I have been missing from this space for sometime now. It took a short and concerned message from Maniparna at Scattered Thoughts to provide me that firm, definite nudge to return to my blog. I usually end up writing long posts. But this time, I have decided to keep it short. The reasons are many – lack of time being the one that should matter the least. I have plenty of time today to sit down and conjure that perfect blog post. But when the fact remains that I have been avoiding this place, I thought I will mark the much needed come back in a precise manner.

I have had a mixed February. There was one exam, more like a class test, which was due in February last week, for which I have been preparing for around two weeks. I can’t believe I would still make a big deal out of class tests at this age when I am far from being 15 or 20. I love studying when someone puts forward a challenge and whether I am utilising the time for studies or not, my mind would be steered clear of almost anything else during the period. Hence blogging too took a back seat and that affected the flow which I had been carefully maintaining for sometime. 

There are few things I need to tell you with this blog post. One is that I am fighting my anxieties appreciably well these days. I still fret, but I have managed to do productive things too amidst that, which is how I gauge the aberration these days. I am a terribly impatient person by nature and now I have started focussing more on this facet which is something that need to be put to reigns at the earliest because it has started taking a toll on me. Any extra load of work more than what I have anticipated, turns me all grumpy and irked, which inturn affects the quality of my work and taps awake the redundant anxiety otherwise diligently put to sleep. I remember one of my teachers stating during one of those invocations meetings at the start of my house surgeoncy that “no amount of work done would be useless. You will learn something or the other from the extra hour you put into your job.” I have been trying to make myself believe this since then and I find that even though I suceed sometimes, I end failing miserably at other times too. It is natural, I know, but it is time I made a pact with my impatient self.

I discovered recently that such extended moments could even make for great stories – both for my creative self and for my personal being, where I could strike good conversations with my colleagues because of the incident which caught me off guard stealing a few hours from my otherwise well planned life. It would feel irritating in the beginning, but the effort nevertheless would leave you fulfilled and happy in the end. 

‘To engage’ was my word of the year, on which I am working tirelessly. I am adding a few resolutions to this year starting from March. Let these be termed ‘Quarter year Resolutions’, something which simply cannot wait for the year end to be resolved. 

  1. To drink more water
  2. To excercise more
  3. To be more patient
  4. To make each day count
  5. To not be terrified of taking chances
  6. To wake up before 7a.m everyday
  7. To try to begin the day with a smile, no matter what.

So how has been your life all these days? Any new stories to share? Have you added more resolutions to your list too?


15 thoughts on “Hey Hello! – Bits From Life”

  1. Agree with all of them. I’ve been fighting anxieties for three years now and it can kill you at every second. But, meditation helped me a great deal. Keep writing and have a nice weekend.


  2. Good to see this post, after long from you! One should not think hard to put down something, just whatever one hopes to share.

    Glad to see you doing well. Sometimes, small steps make big differences 🙂


  3. That first point. My doctor has changed me into a water-guzzler in the last few months. That’s a great achievement considering the fact that I had been drinking very little water all my life.
    Wishing you all success in your Quarter Year Resolutions. 🙂


  4. I too have made quarter goals this year. I feel the goals are more sorted like this. And it’s nice to know that now you fret less and have learned to manage it well 🙂
    Good luck for your goals 🙂



  5. Wish you the very best in achieving your goals. My word this year is Andante (music tempo – at walking pace) so I am taking life slowly just as it comes.


  6. You know what, I actually miss writing exams. I used to be so studious while growing up, now I miss studying and losing sleep over test papers 😛 I wish you good luck with your goals and hope to see you more in the blog space 😀


  7. I like your list of goals… I too do these lists a lot- it helps me remember the commitments I have made myself… and then there are the to-do lists… awesome quarter year goal.. very practical…


  8. It is a good thing to do quarter goals; will definitely help in achieving all those goals which were set at the dawn of the new year. Glad to see you manage your anxieties well, Maliny. I’m actually a mess emotionally nowadays, thoughts scattered all around, failing to do even a simple gratitude post. I’m happy to read your post, reading this sure makes me want to take a deep breath and get it all together which I can and let go of what I can’t.


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