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Book Review : Confessions On An Island

I wish to write down a review for every book I read, but the reality is far from that. I was a on a reading hiatus till last week and a gentle nudge from unknown quarters pushed me one day to resume my reading habit. I started with the Booker Prize Shortlisted masterpiece by  Ottessa Moshfegh, ‘Eileen’. The book came up on my Amazon recommendations and let me not deny the fact that I am quickly drawn to books that have something to do with Booker Prize. Thus I started reading the book and would rate it a 5/5. Any reader who loves literary fiction wouldn’t want to miss that book, trust me.

The second book I read this week was ‘CONFESSIONS ON AN ISLAND’ by Ayan Pal.  I wonder whether this book received the accolades and attention it deserve or I am ignorant of the same. Either way, I regret the fact that I was late in giving the book a try even though it had been idling away on my Kindle list for a while now. I thought I would write a review of this one and so here it goes. 

The Blurb:

An abducted woman trapped on an island is given a chance to escape, provided she tells stories emerging from the stories her intriguing abductor tells her. Clueless about why she is being forced to participate in this game of Russian Matryoshka Dolls, the woman, a bestselling author, decides to play along. And therein begins a thrilling tale narrated by an island. Of a man and woman consumed by the power of their imagination and truth, even as the stakes are gradually raised. Soon the only way out is in – into the past, heart and mind. The island is ready to confess. Are you ready for the truth?

My Review:

‘Confessions on a Island’ is in a few words a remarkable read. The concept is novel, the execution is almost flawless. I could barely point out any holes in the plot and for such factors the book turned out to be a few hours of time spent in the company of a satisfying, enthralling book.

Each chapter could be visualised as separate stories woven with brilliant craft and intuition, such that the culmination is cleverly revealed to us in the end at which we exclaim in awe. Certain scenes were powerful enough to instill shock in me and those are the scenes too which linger deep in my mind. This points to the strength of the author’s artful voice and how he was successful in putting across on a platter the raw realities of human life. But there might be readers who would cringe at the same, which I consider the only drawback of the story.  

The opening scene itself offers the reader a glimpse into the enviable mode by which the author has sculptured the story, with seamless, fluent prose and good vocabulary. The author has taken arduous efforts in detailing the nuances, bringing out the subtle beauty of story telling in more places than one. The book is racy, intriguing and absolutely catchy. I would recommend this book to any lover of books, although the theme being mature, it might not be appropriate for children to read.

This book deserves to be read by more bibliophiles out there, who ought to be spreading word about it too in the process. To lend my awfully small effort on similar lines, I have written this review in the utmost honest manner possible. Read the book and you will agree with me. 

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This book was purchased by me and the opinions raised in this review are unbiased and are entirely mine.

3 thoughts on “Book Review : Confessions On An Island”

  1. Dear Malini, reading this wonderfully crafted review was an absolute pleasure! Glad that you picked up, read, and then decided to pen a review of this book. Thank you once again for this wonderful surprise!

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