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Book Cover Release! – TICOL

When the designer at Story Mirror asked me to provide inputs to work on the cover of my book, I remember telling her that even though the title of the book screamed chaos, I would rather not have a cover which looked bizarre or outright. The stories in this book deal with human emotions, but they are portrayed with a definite tinge of subtlety and are not displayed in a pompous, explicit manner. Sneha Jolly at Story Mirror absorbed this and drew a design co operating her designs and voila, the book cover of TICOL was ready. I would like to thank her from the bottom of my heart for giving her best shot in creating this cover, which I am sure is sure to steal hearts. 

Why The Title?

Human minds are chaotic; there is resilience, there is weakness; there is passion, there is vulnerability; there is joy, there is sorrow; there is ecstasy, there is despair.

‘The Inimitable Chaos Of Life’ is a celebration of those emotions, which are craftily ingrained in human lives. Through this book, I have tried to illustrate them with a veritable tinge of subtlety, not overplaying their effects for the sake of it. There are undercurrents of intensity, but they are not displayed in an outright manner akin to creating pandemonium. It is true that no two situations in life are similiar. No two incidents are an exact reflection of each other. They are but as deep and scarring as blazing fire. They are but as exhilarating and enthralling as that one piece of good news you have been awaiting for long.There in lies the inimitability of life. There in lies the inimitability of its chaos.

So here it is! The book cover of TICOL!

inimitable chaos of life.jpg

It is beautiful, isn’t it? Do leave behind your feedbacks before you go 🙂

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