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The Prologue of ‘The Inimitable Chaos Of Life’

inimitable chaos of life

‘I was in a dilemma when the time to fix a suitable title for this short story collection arrived. I narrowed down the list I had written down to a few titles, out of which I finally selected ‘The Inimitable Chaos Of Life’, for when I pondered deep, I came to the conclusion that life was indeed a turbulent vortex of chaos. Each day we spend in this world is an amalgamation of the multifarious emotions that flow through us as undercurrents. We laugh, we cry, we fear, we smile. The reactions are innumerable. ‘The Inimitable Chaos Of Life’ is a collection of fourteen heart rending stories, which bring to life the intensity, complexity and sheer beauty of human emotions.

The stories are varied; delving mostly in to the vagaries of life and the many tricky circumstances that life throws at us unexpectedly. Each individual reacts to those situations in a different manner. During times of happiness, one may shriek out of joy; another may erupt in to bouts of soulful tears. Similarly, during times of sorrow, one may be numb out of despair, another may spend long hours wailing and lamenting, whereas some others may even find themselves entrapped in the clutches of psychosis.

The trail that is life is not entirely laden with velvety petals. We encounter stumps, thorns and shards along the way, which breathe life into the moments that form our days. The depressing taste of tear makes a sip of happiness worthwhile. Therein resides the unerring magic of life.

Here, through these stories I have made an attempt in dissecting the shreds of human mind to the best of my ability. One factor that is ubiquitous throughout the book is an implicit stress on the subtlety of human emotions. There are two other factors as well which are interlaced inseparably in to most of the stories- the worth of hopefulness and the magnanimity of compassion. There are stories that are smeared with melancholy too, which would touch your heart and soul, for there is no human being who hasn’t come across the darker facet of life. I hope the readers would savor each story with equal engagement. If the stories linger in your minds a little while longer than you expect them to do, then I would consider my job well done.

Finally, I thank you from the bottom of my heart for picking this book up. We are connected by an invisible, albeit strong bond from this moment on. I wish you a good time reading my book.’

~ Maliny Mohan


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