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The Prologue of ‘The Inimitable Chaos Of Life’

inimitable chaos of life

‘I was in a dilemma when the time to fix a suitable title for this short story collection arrived. I narrowed down the list I had written down to a few titles, out of which I finally selected ‘The Inimitable Chaos Of Life’, for when I pondered deep, I came to the conclusion that life was indeed a turbulent vortex of chaos. Each day we spend in this world is an amalgamation of the multifarious emotions that flow through us as undercurrents. We laugh, we cry, we fear, we smile. The reactions are innumerable. ‘The Inimitable Chaos Of Life’ is a collection of fourteen heart rending stories, which bring to life the intensity, complexity and sheer beauty of human emotions.

The stories are varied; delving mostly in to the vagaries of life and the many tricky circumstances that life throws at us unexpectedly. Each individual reacts to those situations in a different manner. During times of happiness, one may shriek out of joy; another may erupt in to bouts of soulful tears. Similarly, during times of sorrow, one may be numb out of despair, another may spend long hours wailing and lamenting, whereas some others may even find themselves entrapped in the clutches of psychosis.

The trail that is life is not entirely laden with velvety petals. We encounter stumps, thorns and shards along the way, which breathe life into the moments that form our days. The depressing taste of tear makes a sip of happiness worthwhile. Therein resides the unerring magic of life.

Here, through these stories I have made an attempt in dissecting the shreds of human mind to the best of my ability. One factor that is ubiquitous throughout the book is an implicit stress on the subtlety of human emotions. There are two other factors as well which are interlaced inseparably in to most of the stories- the worth of hopefulness and the magnanimity of compassion. There are stories that are smeared with melancholy too, which would touch your heart and soul, for there is no human being who hasn’t come across the darker facet of life. I hope the readers would savor each story with equal engagement. If the stories linger in your minds a little while longer than you expect them to do, then I would consider my job well done.

Finally, I thank you from the bottom of my heart for picking this book up. We are connected by an invisible, albeit strong bond from this moment on. I wish you a good time reading my book.’

~ Maliny Mohan


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Book Cover Release! – TICOL

When the designer at Story Mirror asked me to provide inputs to work on the cover of my book, I remember telling her that even though the title of the book screamed chaos, I would rather not have a cover which looked bizarre or outright. The stories in this book deal with human emotions, but they are portrayed with a definite tinge of subtlety and are not displayed in a pompous, explicit manner. Sneha Jolly at Story Mirror absorbed this and drew a design co operating her designs and voila, the book cover of TICOL was ready. I would like to thank her from the bottom of my heart for giving her best shot in creating this cover, which I am sure is sure to steal hearts. 

Why The Title?

Human minds are chaotic; there is resilience, there is weakness; there is passion, there is vulnerability; there is joy, there is sorrow; there is ecstasy, there is despair.

‘The Inimitable Chaos Of Life’ is a celebration of those emotions, which are craftily ingrained in human lives. Through this book, I have tried to illustrate them with a veritable tinge of subtlety, not overplaying their effects for the sake of it. There are undercurrents of intensity, but they are not displayed in an outright manner akin to creating pandemonium. It is true that no two situations in life are similiar. No two incidents are an exact reflection of each other. They are but as deep and scarring as blazing fire. They are but as exhilarating and enthralling as that one piece of good news you have been awaiting for long.There in lies the inimitability of life. There in lies the inimitability of its chaos.

So here it is! The book cover of TICOL!

inimitable chaos of life.jpg

It is beautiful, isn’t it? Do leave behind your feedbacks before you go 🙂

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I Am Not Done, I will never be – Bits From Life




Be happy. Be smiling. Nothing can go wrong if you stay so. There is nothing for which you can’t find a solution. Whatever happens, you will definitely rise to the occasion then. So why worry unnecessarily now? Go out and have a fabulous day today.


Human beings are bound to be uninspired once in a while. I have been going through such a phase for a few weeks now. I have been seeking modes too to scrub free the irksome moss from my mind, but have failed miserably. Today, whether I liked it or not, even if I wanted it or not, I decided to start reading a book on kindle and was absorbed in it to the length that I wasn’t willing to pull myself up from the bed to turn on the lights when it grew dark. Well, that is a good sign, I believe.


The first account was taken from my diary and was jotted down one morning before I went to the hospital. And the second account was written by me on my Facebook page on the 8th of March.

What does it mean to say that a doctor has had a fabulous day? It could be anything – like treating the patients well, operating a case to perfection would be the ones to fly off from the top of my head, if you had asked me this questions a few days back. When these still remain the best modes to achieve a fulfilling day for me, these days, for the same reason I have made it my word of the year, I concentrate on engaging in beautiful moments with my colleagues and friends too.  

Yet, somewhere, someday a few weeks back, I felt the dark claws of melancholy encroaching me, and that too for no particular reason. I consider despair and hollowness the utmost depressing pair. It hurts when one is devoid of the answer to one’s own heartache. You are left stranded in the dark, alone, lifeless and vapid, when the world moves around you, racy, unstoppable, passionate and most importantly with a purpose. 

I wrote down a few quarter year resolutions for this year in my previous post, which I thought would offer me a purpose. I believe that was the best decision I have made in this year. It did give me a purpose and I exercise whenever I find time and drink gallons of water during the working hours! I have started reading books back to back and right now, I am reading ‘His Bloody project: Documents relating to the case of Roderick Macrae’ by  Graeme Macrae Burnet,  which is a partly fictitious/ partly documented memoir of a killer which he writes from prison, but imaginatively penned by the novelist. I have only reached a mere 100 pages, but I would already recommend this book to any lover of words. 

Writing this blog post too has a purpose. To ease me out of the vacuum I feel myself trapped in. I am not entirely out of the quagmire, but I feel I could pull myself out of it anytime in the coming days with the effort I am putting into the situation. Perhaps, it has to do with the fact that I am sober and alone for a considerable part of the week. Perhaps, I am someone who yearns for a good company most times of the day. Perhaps, I am someone who loves her few moments of solitude, but find it quintessential that I have few hands to clasp on to during the other times. Talking to my dear and near ones over phone does help to some extent, but that is not all. I desire dear ones to return back to at the end of the day, which being in hostel I am not entitled to. 

Image Courtsey – Here

I have always considered myself an introvert and was proud of the same as long as I could remember. Would a human’s personality change during the course of his/her life? This whole post could merely be my alter ego talking even. Still one fact is bound to remain true. Whether I am with my favourite ones or not, being with other people, sharing talks with them, listening to their stories and telling mine sure lift my spirit and it is definitely something I am going to look forward to for the rest of my life.

Before you leave, help me out here, will you? Have you felt drained for a few days or weeks at a stretch? What do you do then?


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Hey Hello! – Bits From Life


Related image

I have been missing from this space for sometime now. It took a short and concerned message from Maniparna at Scattered Thoughts to provide me that firm, definite nudge to return to my blog. I usually end up writing long posts. But this time, I have decided to keep it short. The reasons are many – lack of time being the one that should matter the least. I have plenty of time today to sit down and conjure that perfect blog post. But when the fact remains that I have been avoiding this place, I thought I will mark the much needed come back in a precise manner.

I have had a mixed February. There was one exam, more like a class test, which was due in February last week, for which I have been preparing for around two weeks. I can’t believe I would still make a big deal out of class tests at this age when I am far from being 15 or 20. I love studying when someone puts forward a challenge and whether I am utilising the time for studies or not, my mind would be steered clear of almost anything else during the period. Hence blogging too took a back seat and that affected the flow which I had been carefully maintaining for sometime. 

There are few things I need to tell you with this blog post. One is that I am fighting my anxieties appreciably well these days. I still fret, but I have managed to do productive things too amidst that, which is how I gauge the aberration these days. I am a terribly impatient person by nature and now I have started focussing more on this facet which is something that need to be put to reigns at the earliest because it has started taking a toll on me. Any extra load of work more than what I have anticipated, turns me all grumpy and irked, which inturn affects the quality of my work and taps awake the redundant anxiety otherwise diligently put to sleep. I remember one of my teachers stating during one of those invocations meetings at the start of my house surgeoncy that “no amount of work done would be useless. You will learn something or the other from the extra hour you put into your job.” I have been trying to make myself believe this since then and I find that even though I suceed sometimes, I end failing miserably at other times too. It is natural, I know, but it is time I made a pact with my impatient self.

I discovered recently that such extended moments could even make for great stories – both for my creative self and for my personal being, where I could strike good conversations with my colleagues because of the incident which caught me off guard stealing a few hours from my otherwise well planned life. It would feel irritating in the beginning, but the effort nevertheless would leave you fulfilled and happy in the end. 

‘To engage’ was my word of the year, on which I am working tirelessly. I am adding a few resolutions to this year starting from March. Let these be termed ‘Quarter year Resolutions’, something which simply cannot wait for the year end to be resolved. 

  1. To drink more water
  2. To excercise more
  3. To be more patient
  4. To make each day count
  5. To not be terrified of taking chances
  6. To wake up before 7a.m everyday
  7. To try to begin the day with a smile, no matter what.

So how has been your life all these days? Any new stories to share? Have you added more resolutions to your list too?


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What if? #Bits From Life

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I never thought I would write on my blog today. I never write on Mondays, mostly because I would already have filled this space on a Sunday, with the Author Talk featuring on my blog on weekends. I am breaking the rule here, for I feel a pressing need to speak my heart out today.

I stay in a hostel, which is a good ten minutes away from the hospital where I am currently pursuing my higher studies. This hospital is at least ten hours away from my home and hence visiting my parents at home has been reduced to a once monthly affair. It so happens that most of the times, when the week arrives when I would be undertaking the journey to my house, something or the other goes wrong, or my days would be stuffed with  chores, leaving me overwhelmed.

This week, I am going home for a purpose and it has to do with the Government job from where I took leave for two years for my course. I have to apply for a particular post, which requires me to be personally available with the properly filled form. The form needs to be signed by the superintendent of the previous institution from where I too leave, which further needs to be countersigned by a higher authority. I am taking leave for one day, as the number of leaves we are entitled to for a year is twenty. The hospital where I need to approach for the procedure is two hours from my house.

When I called up the superior officer asking whether he would be free on Saturday, for I was hoping to complete the procedures then, he told me that he would be free, but emergencies could come up any minute in the form of meetings or so. I was flustered. I am not in a position to take a chance. I need to complete the procedures in a day and I need to return to my hospital for my residency on Sunday itself. It would be highly tedious and depressing a task to return without bringing my goal to fruition. That would force me to take a second trip for the same purpose in another week’s time. Also, the deadline for the procedure is fast approaching and if I am not able to finish it before that, that would mean a terrible loss for me with regard to my professional life.

I talked to my parents and a friend of mine about the matter and they tried to pacify me. I started having a bout of migraine, which further brought down my already distraught self. At the pinnacle of misery, when I thought I wouldn’t be able to take it anymore, the unexpected happened. The vacuum that has been sucking me in for so long was suddenly filled by the warmth of peace. A barrage of questions overpowered me.

What if the suptd is not there when you reach? What if you have to return leaving the job half done? What is the most that could happen? Is the matter really in your hands? Could you control what is about to happen?

Finding an answer to the queries is not easy. But I did come up with an absolute solution to all these questions in that moment of epiphany.

No, the matter is not in my hands. I cannot control what is about to happen in this particular situation. So, what could I do?

Well, I could hunt the suptd down at the place where he is partaking the meeting and make him sign the form! It is definitely not impossible, is it? He is an amiable human being and he would understand the sitation and would take it in the right spirit.

What if that doesn’t happen? Could I do anything about it?

No. I will have to come back another day to finish the procedures.

What if I had to?

It was a necessity and I was pushed into the quagmire against my will. It was a snap of fate and I had to move along with it, given that it was impossible to resolve the problem otherwise. Yes, I will make a second trip if need arises; I made up my mind. There, basked in the rays of serenity, I could come up with answers to the confusing riddle I was in.

The incident made me recollect the many moments in my life when I would be bogged down by the silliest of matters. If the problem at hand needs a surgical intervention, then it needs to be undertaken at any cost. One cannot be cosy and revelling in one’s comfort zone at all times. There would come a time when one is forced to face the harsh circumstances of life.

Sometimes, fretting over not being able to come up with a safe solution is not the right way to tackle life, but owning the courage to drag oneself through the gritty experience is.