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To Life!

Moving across the cacophonous lives of people displayed on the medium, I take a minute to adsorb in the many vagaries of life. In the frantic hurry to grab limelights, nurturing an implicit intention to be noticed in the crowd, aren’t we knowingly or unknowingly forgetting the truest joys of mankind? To be appreciated is anyone’s secret desire and it comes without say that there is indeed no harm in it. But, have you ever wondered that, perhaps, there exists an invisible fine line between a desire and greed?
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Cacophony – Haiku

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Little girl cries
As parents fight loud –
  Insignificant pain.


Cluttering bangles
On soft dainty arms –
Uncharted symphony.


Poignant rants 
For once he lay
  Deaf to her pain.

Written for Haiku Heights . Prompt – Cacophony.

P.S :  I haven’t focussed on the prompt per se, rather wrote sets of haiku inspired by the theme. I hope that is allowed. Thank you all for the comments 🙂