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Hues of Joy

Soft as dew,
Descended slow
In my heart, so deep
To glide past crevices –
Sublime, sheer effervescence.
A joy so rich, luscious and rare,
Leaves you panting, prodding for more
For joy is a dream!- such vibrant and true.

P.S :- This poem has been written in a form of poetry called ‘Ethere’, where each line contains as much number of syllables as the number of the line.
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Of Rain And Life

“I hate rain!”. I stated quite blatantly as the steady downpour dampened my voice. The person on the other end of the phone exclaimed in disbelief. Quite obviously so. For I myself is yet to see atleast one person in a group of five who doesn’t hold the mystifying physiology of earth, that is rain, close to his or her heart. He went onto dissect in fervor the many pros of rain and how it pacified him, refreshing his body and soul, while i blabbered on the many cons like how a rainy day created a havoc in my life, especially when it announced its entry early in the mornings while i am all dressed up neatly for a fresh beginning.
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Bound By Duty – My Entry For The Get Published Contest


Naina , 27 years,  quite an ambitious doctor who is currently pursuing her first year of post graduation in General Surgery . The story progresses through her life , her concepts and the whirl pool of tangles she is drowning in . Being a doctor at the prime age of her life is one of the best accomplishments one could dream of .  Yet, there was something more she was bound to do as a human being . To get married . The inevitable duty of a girl past 20 yrs, according to the society . How does Abhay fit into the whole scenario. Is he her fiancée ? Her lover ? . The essence of the story isn’t complete without him . Yes ,  ‘ Bound By Duty ‘ is a love story which is woven with the intricacies of present day world told through the life of  the main protagonist Naina . While the subtleties of the life of a medical student comes to life in the pages of this story , Abhay comes in and out of the storyline to end up playing  a major part towards the second half .


I believe fiction takes origin from real life . Imagination can run wild , but still the basic essence of any work of fiction is life as we see before us . In that context , this story is adapted from the life of  a young female doctor who is struggling with a choice of marriage when there was chunks of things still left for her to gain from the institution of medical studies .


She prayed , “ God , let it not be any RTA ( Road Traffic Accident ) case “ .

 Just as she was hurrying to the casualty room , a rather aggressive mob welcomed her. Before she could take charge of the situation , Akshay , her unit House surgeon called out to her .

“ Naina madam , that is not our case .  It seems that the patient is a local political personality or something . A case of MI ( Myocardiac Infarction ) . They carried him to our casualty unknowingly . I have guided them back to the Medicine casualty “.  

“ Sorry for having disturbed your sleep if you could manage any “ . He added sheepishly.

Naina smiled . “ No problem, Akash “ .

Naina checked her watch and was relieved to notice that it was already half past six . Just enough time to rush to her room , change her soiled clothes and return to the ward for her morning pre rounds at 7 . She grabbed her stethoscope from the table and was about to leave when her eyes fell on a familiar figure waiting outide the medical ICU , a sullen expression on his face . Wasn’t that Abhay ? . She stopped on her track .


This is my post for the Harper Collins – Indiblogger Get Published Contest  which is run with inputs from yashodhara lal and Harper Collins India

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My Festive Chic Look

                               Fashion is all about style these days . To stand apart in the crowd you need to have that extra edge to your sense of fashion , nonetheless compromising your comfortability quotient . With a bunch of foreigh exchange students renting the house in our neighbourhood ,i decided to celebrate this Diwali with them . Though its a perfect scenario to show them how the desi style goes , i  decided to come up with something different . Moreover all the girls in the neighbourhood would be drapping sarees and cholis , which leaves no space for any worries regarding them missing out on the cultural splendour . Surfing SHOPPERS STOP my favourite online shopping niche , i came up with an ensemble which purely blends indo-western styles of fashion . Let me show you . 

The outfit : 

         Pairing up a sleeveless Insense party wear top with a desi patiala pants seemed out of the world for my mother, but not for me :p . Here check it out


 Now coming to the accessories .


                             With gold being very much in demand and very much in style , i decided to go bling to be in sync with all the glittering around , but in a very modest manner . Check this out 








                                I always prefer high heels to adorn my feet during important functions . Thanks to SHOPPERS STOP , I managed to find out the perfect fit to my gold ensemble . 


                                           Having decided to have the beige scarf draped around my neck,i decided to give necklace a miss . Also for the same reason i thought of decorating my ears with a stud rather than going for dangling ones . 


Would you believe if i say that my mom was the first person to look at me in awe once i stepped out of my room . Absolutely not because of the gaudiness, which was almost nil, but because of the way i managed to dress up mysef absolutely stylish in a matter of half an hour . With my hair put up in a high pony tail with the gold bow sliders on i was looking every bit a fashionista . The fact that i could carry myself around with ease particularly with all the fireworks going up nearby came as an extra boon . My foreign friends were going all gaga over my indo western chic look too . One of them even stated that she was going to walk the ramp donning a similar attire for their foreign exchange students’ retreat once they get back . And at the end of the day i was all beaming with joy , brighter than the firworks . Thanks to  SHOPPERS STOP

This post has been written for the SHOPPERS STOP PERFECT FESTIVE LOOK CONTEST  organised by Indiblogger and shoppers stop . If you liked my post you can vote it here  MY FESTIVE CHIC LOOK

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Let Them Soak No More In Loneliness

What is the worst of woes that wait on age ?

What stamps the wrinkle deeper on the brow ?
To view each loved one blotted from life’s page
And be alone on earth , as i am now 

                                                                LORD BYRON , childe harold



                          A bunch of medical students were guided to an old age home as part of their community medicine posting . I was one among them . For us the daily visits to such places as part of the posting was kind of a breather given the hectic clinical postings that we were supposed to handle otherwise . Giggling and passing jokes to each other, we entered the building . On our way we passed a dainty old man who was sitting crouched on a chair straining hard to scan the newspaper . There was a moment of absolute silence when it started dawning on our minds that this visit is not going to be mere fun . The assistant professor of the department who was at the helm of our group asked us to settle down . And then , he started speaking . He was so subtle in his content, painting before us a rather dark picture of the despondent , dejected people residing in that particular old age home . 

                    Much to my surprise , i noticed a girl who was seated beside me  trying hard to suppress tears pouring down her cheeks . Yes, the speech was poignant and it touched our hearts way too deep . The sir might have noticed it , because he started focussing on the girl , his eyes away from her . ” I see young hearts wailing , at the mere narration of the loneliness and torture that people have to go through when they become old . Then why do the same young sons and daughters change colours and turn venomous to such extent that they discard their parents in some corner of a well  renowned vacuum of an institution years forward ? Are they too much to handle when they are old ? Werent you unbelievably hard to handle when you were babies ? Did they throw you away to indulge in the ecstasies of their married life ? “

              We left the building with a heavy heart . Atleast a couple of us promised in our minds that this would never be the fate of our parents .

picture courtesy : Google


                  I climbed the stairs of the very same old age institution which left me shattered a few years back . I had started earning stipend as part of my internship and i was here to bring to fulfillment a decision i had made a couple of years back, while i disembarked the very same stairs . Meeting the Mother Superior , i handed over whatever little the amount i could manage as monetary help . Right then while she was giving me a more vivid account of the working of the institution , an eldery lady of around 70 years came by . The topic diverted to her past . She belonged to a brahmin family , who had to elope from her tharavadu owing to the rejection and harsh treatment she had to bear from her daughter in laws . And now look at her , she was helping the servants there cook non vegetarian dishes something which she wouldnt have even dreamt of in those happy minutes of holding her new born son close to her bosom, years back .

             What goes wrong in the mindsets of people when they grow older ? what happens so much so that it destroys the innocence and care deep from the rootlevels ? Yes its true, life starts becoming an ordeal once you step into family life . But certain emotions   connecting two people are so deep and inseparable that they never deserve to be viewed differently by either anytime in their life , however far and high life takes you . Like the emotional chord that connects a mother and her kid and vice versa . 

                During my pediatrics posting i have seen sorrows of mothers who had to witness their babies passing through sickness which leaves them numb , motionless , with not even an ounce of energy to cry out . The unfortunate mothers would be yearning from their bottom of their heart to feed their babies atleast once, to hear their long hoped for bundle of joy cry out at the top of their voice like every other child . How does it end up in a situation where the same mothers cry out to their sons not to bully them infront of others , many years down the lane ? Pitiful isnt ? 

             If you can jot down a promise in the back of your hearts never to let your parents suffer when they are old , never to let them weep in the dark corridors of an old age home sinking in helplessness and desperation , that would be the most heavenly manner by which you could repay  all the hardships they had to suffer to watch you grow up ,all the  care and affection they showered on you all these years . Let no parent soak any more in loneliness . They deserve every bit of love from their children till the very last minute of their life . Dont they ? 

picture courtesy : google

 ‘ This post has been submitted for the Soak No More contest by indiblogger and surf excel matic . ‘