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Strangers-Haiku: Saturday Specifics

I decided to highlight today’s ‘Saturday Specifics’ with a ‘Throwback’ gesture. I love Haiku, although I rarely write one these days. I used to craft poems before and I plan to acknowledge my lost spirit through this post I reblog.

Maliny Mohan

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Strangers , they unite 
In dim lit room – unreined 
Lovers for one night . 

Written for Carpe Diem Haiku Challenge . The prompt – Strangers .

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Hues of Joy

Soft as dew,
Descended slow
In my heart, so deep
To glide past crevices –
Sublime, sheer effervescence.
A joy so rich, luscious and rare,
Leaves you panting, prodding for more
For joy is a dream!- such vibrant and true.

P.S :- This poem has been written in a form of poetry called ‘Ethere’, where each line contains as much number of syllables as the number of the line.
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A flash of beauty,
The crack of dawn,
Shimmering sun’s ray,
The scent of rain.

A surreal soundtrack
Or a soulful note ;
They take me back
And leave me sour.

I tried my best 
To make you mine;
The fire in me
But,burnt me whole.

I let you go
As someone told
For if only you sought
You were mine.

 Counting tides
I waited days
But no one came
Nor anyone spoke.

Why didn’t you notice
That i was gone ?
My screams had echoed 
Through mountain mounds.

Tears rolled down
Formed eddy streams,
Till my rivulet grew
And left you far.

Wasn’t he right ?

Who faithfully said;
That things sans reclaim
Were never truly ours to claim.

And that was when
It struck me hard;
That life was such –
So undeniably real!

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The Lure

An attempt of Ethere, a form of poetry written in ten lines, with each line accomodating the number of syllables as its line number.
Dash of 
Blush cluster
On dimpled cheeks
His looks sensuous
Bated breath loquacious
Of bait, his defiant charm;
Breeze sultry, sprinkling pearly drop
On chiseled face, it trickles down
Melting to specks beneath sauve gliding touch. 


Another one : 

They smell
Of dust speckle
Engraved grey
Amidst tangled words
In its swooping sly waft
Hauled into mystic depths
Of love, truth, fear and fantasy, 
The many resplendent emotions
I succumb to lure – my retribution.
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Cacophony – Haiku

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Little girl cries
As parents fight loud –
  Insignificant pain.


Cluttering bangles
On soft dainty arms –
Uncharted symphony.


Poignant rants 
For once he lay
  Deaf to her pain.

Written for Haiku Heights . Prompt – Cacophony.

P.S :  I haven’t focussed on the prompt per se, rather wrote sets of haiku inspired by the theme. I hope that is allowed. Thank you all for the comments 🙂