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Amidst The Chimes

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                                It was the relentless shrieking of the alarm clock that snapped her awake from her slumber . Through the narrow slit of her half open eyes , she could see the warm rays of the blazing sun gliding their way through the window in layers . Yanking her hand onto the table , she clutched the alarm clock and pushed the button down . The clutter and clamour of the outside world slowly drifted to her ears once the alarm retreated back to the snooze mode . Sweeping away the layers of bedspreads draped over her , she gathered herself up from her bed . The moment her feet touched the ice cold marble slabs of the floor , she felt an invigorating rush race through her skin . The urge wasnt new to her . It wouldnt be a tad bit over emphasising to state that she has been living a passionate slave to this emotion over the past 30 years of her life . The fact that she never got tired of chasing her dreams remained indigestable for many . To this day , her admirers who witness her charismatic performance on stage continue to drown her in praise and honour . 

                          Shivering , she entered the bathroom and sliding the tap open , let the cold water run through her hands . Splashing a handful of water on her face , she kept looking at the mirror as if to study the subtle details of the face staring back at her . Tracing the narrow lines of wrinkles clustered near her eyes , she continued to gaze back at the ageing beauty that she has become over the years .

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                               Life has never been a  journey sprinkled with rozy petals for her , let alone being normal . Her eventful life as an actress started to blossom at the tender age of 16 . The vagaries of pursuing a career in the cine world dawned on her much later , after 8 years when she let her head droop before a man who waited eagerly before her with a golden chain in his hands . Promising him to try her best to shuttle between acting and managing her family , she retreated back to the film sets gayily to do the one thing which kept her smiling all those years . Slowly she came to terms with the fact that the act of juggling the two was almost as close to being impossible . Realising this in a matter of 6 months , she decided to say adieu to the world of glamour even though it was the hardest decision she had to undertake . Ten years of faithful married life after that , she traversed the most colourful and pompous moments with her husband . 

                            Unfortunate as she might be , the fate had darker days in store for her down the years . The day she stumbled upon her husband sprangled on a bed with her friend  , the sparkling castle of her dreams shattered to shreds infront of her . Yet another couple of years of solitude restricted to the four walls of her immaculate house transformed her into something she never was before – a soul drained of pride and smiles . 

                              Her parents drifted their way back to her tormented life and consoled her like they used to do as she was a child . Finding their words of advice fell on the dead ears of their daughter , they were dejected . Still , they continued to whimper , and as days passed they shouted , yelled and shook her back to her senses . When her mother confronted her one day with a piece of her thought to have her slide into her dance costumes after a sabbatical lasting many years , she , to her surprise , felt a spark for a peaceful existence rekindle at the back of her heart . 

                           Now after ten years of  performing on stage , at the age of fourty,  as she stood staring at her face , the wrinkles started to fade away at the mere touch of her fingers . The eighteen year old girl who stormed into the world of fame with eyes sparkling with passion , smiled back at her from the mirror through a veneer of hazy mist . A voice , strong and driven , whispered to her from the deepest recess of her mind –  ” The sun sets , but with a promise to rise back brighter “. Her mind was still young and she still had an endless road stretching before her . The thought seeped into her mind leaving behind a glow on her skin , as she brushed away the droplets clinging to her face .  

~ Maliny Mohan

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It Happens For A Reason

                   ‘ You go home and check your emails. You read the second mail and freeze ! .’

                       Shikha wished upon Gods if what she was dealing now could be replaced by the above scenario . For she was freezed to the core , so much is true , but on reading the second unopened mail on her mother’s inbox instead of her’s !

                       She didn’t have to cringe her eyes or strain harder to recognize the girl and boy cuddling cozily on that peach coloured couch , so engrossed in each other that they seemed oblivious of the fact that it was already 1a.m on the frog faced time piece which adorned the book shelf beside .  The picture was taken on a summer night one year back , when she with her boyfriend Sameer and another couple had crashed on his house after their twelfth standard school farewell party . Wait . What had she lied to her parents the next day about not returning home after the party ? ‘ The function stretched for a few hours more Ma , instead of winding up at 10 P.M . Shruti’s home is just a couple of blocks away from school , you know right . Her parents were out of town ; but her grandma was there . Shruti urged me to stay at her place for the night , said it was not safe to wander back alone.
                     She hadn’t expected her parents to buy such a cleverly construed story , where there was almost nil scope for an eye witness , given that Shruti’s grandma was half blind ! Yet they never bothered to scrutinize the story further .

                    Now , after one long and eventful year , she was jolted up , rather heavily , on being stumbling upon this picture , fortunately unopened , on her mother’s Gmail inbox page . 

                  She turned 19 a month back , but her mother had already registered her profile on the most sought after matrimonial site available. If it wasn’t for the occasional tryst of her mother with her laptop , surfing the matrimonial site for new proposals , she wouldn’t have had a clue as to what Sameer , her ex – boyfriend now , was upto . Her mother never cared to log out of her gmail account even . Srolling the page further down she noticed a message emboldened in large red print which read ,
You must have got a hint as to why I sent you this brazen picture of your daughter and me . No , as you fear in shock , I wouldn’t stoop that low to indulge in a frantic mania of spreading an online scoop linking me and your daughter . This serves as the perfect revenge for me to tear away the mask of reclusiveness she fakes in front of you guys . Like what you must be expecting , she is not just a diligent student , but a reckless woman as well . “
                   She  stared in disbelief at those words , her heart wrenching in spite at how he could muster the courage to come lashing back at her , through her mother , after all those mind boggling  days of fight they dragged  through 6 months back . His egregious words soaked in the stench of booze and smoke echoed shrill in her ears , like they had deafened her on that God forbidden day,
There is more to being in a relationship than sharing the soul Shikha , You better beat it into your rotten brain .  Strange enough , the surge of emotional vent that I used to feel in your presence has drained empty . Pardon me for being candid , but you owe me big time for all those fruitless hours of comfort and consolation I showered on you while you were wrecking your head pondering your life problems ! “
                    She felt a shiver run down her spine harking back those minutes when she had scampered past his living room and garden , crying ,  to reach the safety of the four walls of her house .  She had let herself take the brunt for being nice to him for the whole two years they had gone out . But not anymore .
                    Shikha swiftly moving to the door , glanced out to check on her mother . Not seeing her , letting out a sigh , she closed her door behind her slowly . Returning to her laptop she began typing frantically , swiping away the beads of sweat clouding on her forehead . Leaning back to scan the message one last time , with no tad of doubt , she pressed the SENT option . Going back to the SENT messages folder of her mother’s account , she reread the message she had sent Sameer, a minute back .
 “ Sameer , if you expected me to thrash my little girl and ground her forever on seeing this picture , you are wrong Son . I am well aware of the nasty break up you two had . Shikha , though late , fed me with the details ; the poor girl suffered a lot trying to hide it from me for months . As her mother , and as a Government Employee I warn you against further misbehaviour of this sort to my daughter . I hope you are aware of the unpleasant consequences of the crime you just did by sending me this obscene picture of her’s. My conscience urges me to grant you a second chance . Don’t ever message to my email or my daughter’s . Let us consider the chapter closed . “  Shikha deftly cleared both Sameer’s message and the message she just sent , from the history so that her mother wouldn’t come to know about her prying into her  Gmail page .
                      Shikha reclined back on her pillow , her eyes grazing a picture frilled by a pretty pink photo frame – A picture of the 2 year old she nestling against her mother’s neck . Gazing into her mother’s face , she recognized the warm , affectionate person her mother used to be in her thoughts . Has her mother changed ? Or is it she who had  let her mother’s love slip out of her life when she got so busy sewing up the broken pieces of her life . How could she let the half boiled words of Sameer drown her mother’s pleas to be careful while selecting friends ? How come she never think about nestling against her mother  to share her little secrets now a days , even when she could undoubtedly feel her mother’s heart breaking to bits knowing her daughter’s reticence ?
 “ Shikha , open this door baby . Hot crispy chips just out of the frying pan reckon you ! Come taste it . “ .
                   Her mother’s exhuberent , albeit worried voice snapped her back to the present . She felt a pang of remorse stabbing at the back of her heart . She knew she needed help . Can any other person in the whole world understand her in as much depth and perfection as the warm voice which just called out to her ?
                 Opening the door , Shikha softly let out those heavy words which possessed infinite power to seal the silence they shared for months .
   ‘ Ma , I need to tell you something .‘ 


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Serving Till The Last Breath

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                                 Terrified and tainted , I stood alone in the midst of the barren land , which was till three months back a vast forest in all its pride. I shuddered a little when the long stout branch which stood grazing me swayed roughly to one side . It hit the hard rock bottom with the loudest thud I have ever heard . The most beautiful and awed- at plant of the forest , with its fresh green leaves ruffling cheerfully at the lightest cue from the softest breeze , my companion for six long years left my side . No .  It was murdered ! . Stabbed at the body for umpteen times over , as it refused to budge , my dear friend now lay dead and trembling in a heap of dried leaves  . 

    ” Aah , let us take some rest now . ” , I strained hard to hear those words . The proud tint in his voice could be recognised however far he stood . He was the leader of the gang which was appointed to cut down the trees to make way for the largest steel plant in the country .

”  Is it just me or do all of you feel the same after a day of hardwork and toil ? I guess this is what they call ‘ satisfaction ‘ ! He jeered at his friends , a gleam of victory shone bright in his eyes as he scanned the bare land exposed to its ultimate rawness .

  ” Come , let us sit down under the shade of that banyan tree and have a pint or two . I cant wait to finish the job off  and grab today’s salary . Dont forget that come what may , we are going to celebrate the last day of our tenure in this area tonight at Mahesh’s toddy shop . ”  He declared while his hands deftly played with the lid of the white coloured bottle .

                            A pang of fear shot through my trunk as he mentioned the word ‘ last day ‘ ! . Soon followed a wave of pain  at the thought of  the plight of my fellow beings . I miss my family . That day , when i found my little one slowly sprouting from the seed I left intentionally on the soil , I was elated to the core . Shouting as I might , I fluttered my leaves in ecstacy . Little drops of rain showered on us that moment as if they rejoiced too . The waft of fresh scent that emanated from the soil welcomed him to this world . A world where nature lived in harmony , a place so humid , so bright and so content – Our thick green forest !

                           I remembered the day when my little one nudged at me in excitement with his fragile roots when a group of birds flocked and nested on him for the first time . I found him the happiest that day . He kept still the whole day for fear that his slightest movement would disturb the little ones resting so trusfully on him . 

                         We offered comfort and shade , its our fruits that men savoured , we lent them shelter , we gave man even his life breath . Each moment man inspires air into his lungs , we do our part diligently such that he wouldnt get cyanosed breathing carbondioxide . And now, all those species of flora whose lively vibes and efforts served to balance the nature were brought down to a lump of logs merely in a matter of hours .

                      Men need us ! Time and again  Mother Earth tried  engraving deep on his mind the one truth to which mankind ever pretented to be oblivious of . That he can never dwell on Her unless he learns to respect Her . The wrath that She has been unleashing, albeit hesitantly ,was meant to teach him this lesson the harder way . Unfortunately greed has encroached his mind with its ever slithering chains to such an extent that he chose to be deaf to her wails , blind to Her tears  !

                        The violent gaze of the sun with its razor sharp rays shook me up from my thoughts . I realised for the first time how penetrating these rays could be , for the hugs of my taller companions never for once let me fall prey to such torments before . At the thought of which , i felt a deep agonising pain as a chunk of my flesh was torn apart from my trunk . ” Oh ! Is it happening ?! ” . I felt  my branches being mercilessly axed down by those workers . My leaves wailed in clutters more for the painful thought of having received such heinous torture in return for all those years of selfless service ! . I whimpered a bit before the last chunk of me was torn apart . 

                       The men were over whelmed on finishing their assigned job way before the allotted time . They scampered away in a hurry to stuff the wood they just cut onto the truck . In the peak of fervour none of them noticed the hard green mass that rolled off from one of the branches . A worker unknowingly stamped his feet onto the mass to push it further deep into the soil . It was a fruit ! The tree left the world , but not without leaving  behind the last glimmer of hope for the very manhood which left it in shreds. 


P.S : Pause for a moment and think of nature as one among us. In this industrial world, cutting down trees has almost become a necessity for a multitude of reasons . But even then there is something we could do such that they dont end up as an endangered species . Plant a seed somewhere for every tree that we purposefully axe down . Let that act be the light at the end of the gruelling tunnel . 

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Silent fights

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                            Akshara closed her eyes before taking a deep breath in . The tantalising freshness of the early morning air revived her senses . She , with utmost dedication , continued with her Pranayama even though the chilling arms of the breeze was bruising her delicate skin . 

                         Opening her eyes , she gazed at the supple stretch of green land which lay ahead of her . It has been a month now since she has been following this routine . Never a moment did she find it a tad bit monotonous . The atmosphere was amazingly silent ; not a pitch higher could be heard anywhere . Yet, in that solitude she found herself conversing with her inner self the most . She was feeling better ,which was something she hasnt felt for a long time now . Yes , Silence is a great healer . 

                     ” Now you may retreat back to your room and take a bath . Breakfast will be ready in half an hour . Will meet you all downstairs . After which you would join for your physical rehabilitation session with Dr . Ankita . ” The Yoga instructor conveyed in his usual mellow tone. 

                     Akshara pulled herself up with much difficulty . The Yoga instructor walked to her . 

                   ” How are you doing Akshara ? I see that there has a major improvement on your health over the past one month . I am happy to see that that you have been able to get accustomed to the process of  treatment we uphold . Many wither out in a day or two .  “

                  ” There is little for me to take credit of Sir . It has been one month and i am yet to digest the amount of  peace and refreshment that a serene place like this offer . More than the rehabilitation process , the yoga sessions, the hours of solitude and the silent whispers i share with  nature is working to lift me up for the better . I couldnt be any more grateful to Dr . vishal for referring me to this centre . “

                 ” Good to hear that dear . Relax for a bit now . We will start the next session after breakfast “. 

                  Akshara strolled back slowly to her room . As usual , her fingers grazed the flowers that stood garnering the window sills on the corridor . She leaned forward to kiss a rose bud which was starting to blossom . This was her most favourite place of the whole institution . There is something lively about the way the flower blooms . She harked back those days when she , along with her father, would  go on teasing her Ma for toiling for hours in their garden. 

               She would utter seemingly confused , ” Ma, arent flowers lifeless ? Why bother taking care of them when you could cook me one of those sweet dishes of your’s ?. I am hungry ! “. To which her mother would reply patiently , ” Nature heals the best Aksha . I wont blame you for speaking nonsensical . The fault lies in the virtual world the present generation sinks in ” . Her father would sprinkle more oil into the flame with his usual remark , ” Aksha , it seems that your Ma loves you a tad bit lesser than those Orchids ” . She would put up a scorn while her father pretended to suppress his bout of chuckle . 

                How their silly fights would go on and on . 

               Now , ten years down the lane , she herself was the mother of a one year old . A single mother .

              Somehow the bitter memories of the past year came flooding just at the thought of her family . That unfortunate day she lost her husband on their journey to Manu’s wedding , the shattering moment she woke up from her deep slumber to realise that her life has changed for the worst , the struggles of her mind to adjust to the truth that she couldnot feel her baby’s skin against her fingers , the nights she lay crying in muffled screams when the memories of her husband, once the best part of her life now transformed into nightmares . 

                 The past one month felt like a fresh life to her . She was slowly gaining back the sense of her fingers, though the rehabilitation sessions were tough  . Her hand would ache, like a million pins were being drilled through her skin . Yet she found color and joy here .  More than that she was learning to come to terms with the fact that her Kiran is never ever going to wake her up with a kiss every morning . 

                 Fumbling with the door knob for a while , she walked into her room . She looked with longiness at the beautiful face smiling at her from the photograph .  Amidst all these , there was one thing that kept her going , pushing her forward fighting all hurdles and heartaches .

                Her baby . For her , she needs to be back , she knew . 

                                            ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~   

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